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a borough of New York City

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The mayor and borough president's recent Bronx Week schedules are two examples of the positivity that the real estate community has noticed for some time now.
Hostos Community College, Building C, Room C-391, 450 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10451, USA
In the first quarter of 2015, the number of building permits in the Bronx increased by 48 percent over the first three months of the preceding year.
We strongly urge you to stop profiting off of a tour that misrepresents the Bronx as a haven for poverty and crime, while mocking everything from our landmarks to the less fortunate members of our community who are availing themselves of food assistance programs.
All he could think was that Bronx was so friendly, anybody could take him off.
The 2011 Bronx SalsaFest will feature outdoor and indoor concerts, special tours, a salsa trolley, and plenty of salsa dancing.
1 million-square-foot project in the South Bronx that is slated to include a 14-screen movie theatre, a large supermarket and roughly 250 apartments.
The result was an award totaling more than $130,000 from the Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation (BOEDC).
In fact, Max Messer, the school district superintendent at the time, whom Mumm calls "an outright racist," had been steering resources for new school construction, quality teachers and textbooks away from the low-income Latino, African American and South Asian part of the South Bronx to the white, middle-class part of his jurisdiction.
Tim Brown, of Bronx Manufacturing (left), Arthur Brown (centre), Reel Engineering Company, and Hans Braun, president of Reika Werk, outside the Bronx factory in Lye, Stourbridge
On Earth Day one year, he and two fellow performers danced fifteen miles along the Bronx River to the opening of a new park in Hunts Point.
The Hebrew Home is especially grateful to Bronx Net, which provides the studio time at a modest fee.
Carchman was 8 when she saw the Arbus photograph depicting Carmel in a dark Bronx living room, his parents looking up at him in wonder and sorrow, and learned the giant was her cousin.
Look at where the Bronx was when [president] Carter came here in despair," he told the crowd at the Madison Square Boys and Girls Club.