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The use of architecture to symbolize enclosure or stultification in this passage is similar to its use in the section on the Brontes' residence in Brussels.
This is Shirley - Charlotte Bronte's second and, l think, greatest novel.
Being a busy working mum was part of the inspiration for writing the book titled: The Mother of the Brontes: When Maria Met Patrick.
Its joint authors, Walford and Rayner, have combined their lifelong interests in Victorian literature and social history with writing, walking, photography and cartography and have included quotes from the Brontes' poetry and novels.
Head to Haworth to explore the home of the Brontes or soak up the artwork at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park near Wakefield.
He thought the city's future prosperity lay only with The Beatles, like Memphis and Elvis, Stratford-upon-Avon and Shakespeare, Haworth and the Brontes.
The bestselling author of The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making brings to life the imaginative world of one of the most revered literary families of all time: the Brontes.
She began to delve into the work and lives of the Brontes, finding that the sisters were at times her lifeline, her sounding board, even her closest friends.
Emma Bell as Emily Dickinson Supported by her doting sister Vinnie (Jennifer Ehle) and frequently visited by their friend Vryling Buffam (Catherine Bailey), Emily settles into an almost hermetic existence at the family home, where she observes the minutiae of society life and passes judgement on the work of the Brontes.
Their latest contribution is the story of the Brontes. Described by Charlotte Bronte, she relates their move to the parsonage at Haworth, family illness and loss, and the children's games and imaginary worlds created with her sisters Emily, Anne and brother Branwell.
My speciality is the Brontes.' 'Oh yes, Jane Ear only,' I said casually.
BEING THE BRONTES (Tonight, BBC2, 9pm) BETWEEN them, Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte wrote such classic novels as Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and Agnes Grey, but the sisters' own story has proved to be just as fascinating as their literary creations.
The two elder Brontes once included their younger sisters, Emily and Anne, in their mystical journeys, but that has changed.