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English novelist

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Our presenter has four days of walking ahead of him, and starts out in the Victorian wool capital of Bradford, and treks the giant loop around what is known as Bronte Country.
As a double adaptation--of the historical lives of the Brontes and of Chekhov's play--We Are Three Sisters provides an intriguing opportunity to enter from a new perspective and refine the current conversation about adaptation and adaptation theory.
And what of the Bronte sisters dying in their lonely parsonage on the moors; was this a case of serial pneumonia?
The Brontes lived at Haworth, just over t'hill from me.
The Brontes of Haworth: The Dramatic Lives of the Literary Legends is a period drama of the artistic endeavors and personal hardships of one of England's most well-known and accomplished literary families.
There are secrets hidden in the shadows of Thornfield Hall, but no mystery as to why Hollywood has made nearly 20 films based on Charlotte Brontes Gothic tale of forbidden love.
Trollope, Thackeray, the Brontes, Jane Austen, or Elizabeth Gaskell, T.
By choosing anonymity, our author is following in the tradition of Jane Austen, the Brontes, 'The Federalist Papers,' 'The Story of O' and, of course, 'Lemony Snicket'," he added.
Gaskell speaks of inhospitality and love of bloody sports such as cock fights being entertained by even religious leaders in days of the Brontes.
The olde-worlde theme is carried through into the library restaurant resembling, er, a library, which means you could peruse the works of the Brontes while waiting for your starter.
He traces the development of the genre, its primary characteristics, and connections with fiction and portraiture, as well as how biographical context can enhance the study of an author's works, using examples such as Shakespeare, Dickens, Blake, Wordsworth, the Brontes, Graham Greene, and George Orwell, and mostly British and Irish biographers such as Hardy, Boswell, Woolf, Holroyd, Holmes, and Hermione Lee.
Brontes stems from the commercial kid of the NODE company, which is primarily aimed at the event called "crawling" (rock and obstacle climbing, extreme terrain riding).
There will be millions of budding Shakespeares, Mozarts, Brontes and Tagores, Beatles, architects and Michelangelos.
A small boy discovers the toy soldiers played with by the Brontes, which, filled with the spirit of their past owners' creativity, come to life.
Modern literary criticism has long recognized Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre (1847) as a pivotal text for feminists.