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Graham's Deaths and Entrances (1943) was inspired by the Bronte sisters, and artistic director Margi Cole is using them as well as a point of departure for her work about gender roles.
ALL three of the Bronte sisters wrote from an early age.
Readers will delight in this tale of the Bronte sisters and their brother Branwell because it offers a window into their lives as young people.
I have always admired British women: Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, Margaret Thatcher, the Bronte sisters, and Virginia Woolf.
She has also published studies of the Bronte sisters and of English poet laureate John Masefield as well as essays and a play, Doctors of Philosophy (1993).
Somewhat predictable was the occupant of the number one slot - Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice', while the Bronte sisters, Charlotte and Emily, took the second and third places.
But what he suggests as a more interesting project is an edited version of the earlier, corrupt editions that might have thrown light on changing scholarly editorial work on and reception of the Bronte sisters.
This is both an enjoyable and worthwhile study of a literary phenomenon that is by no means confined to the Bronte sisters.
Wells library, both read by Ben Kingsley; Paul Scofield reading all the major works of Charles Dickens; all of the works of the Bronte sisters, read by Glenda Jackson; and Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, read by Carl Reiner.
THE news that an old photograph could possibly be of the three Bronte sisters, Charlotte, Emily and Anne, reminded me of a fascinating programme on TV where old paintings are researched thoroughly to find when they were done and who by.
00 e Departs 15 November 2014 One-time home of the famous Bronte sisters, the beautiful Yorkshire village of Haworth, with its cosy tearooms, cobbled streets and Victorian Christmas Market, provides the backdrop for this wonderful festive break.
My favourite sketch portrays the Bronte sisters as petulant, foul-mouthed toddlers," laughs Rebecca.
1855: Charlotte Bronte, eldest of the Bronte sisters and author of Jane Eyre, died.
London, Feb 8 ( ANI ): The former home of the Bronte sisters has been restored to the design of the authors' era after researchers found fragments of its original decor.
Charlotte, the eldest of the surviving Bronte sisters, penned Jane Eyre in 1847 and, more than 170 years on, it remains one of the English language's great gothic novels.