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English novelist

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The objects intertwine with the intimate details of the lives of the Bronte siblings and seem to have had great influence on their published works.
Bronte, from Macclesfield, is preparing to star as awardwinning songwriter Carole King in the acclaimed Broadways and West End show that is heading to Manchester for the first time as the big festive show at the Palace Theatre.
It was in the Bronte Parsonage, now a museum, that the sisters wrote their famous novels while their Co Down-born father, Rev Patrick Bronte, holed himself away in his study.
Bronte first encountered lifelong friends Mary Taylor (who later wrote a feminist novel) and Ellen Nussey in boarding school, creating a middle school friendship triangle.
PWe Are Bronte is a piece of comic visual theatre inspired by the real and imaginary worlds of Yorkshire's literary siblings, and it will be performed at the Dolgellau theatre on March 19, at 7.
Years after the deaths of the two oldest Bronte sisters, the remaining four siblings, now in their teens--romantic Charlotte, brooding Branwell, peculiar Emily, and sensible Anne--are still in the aftershock of grief and steeping in bleak thoughts of the future.
The Bronte Cabinet: Three Lives in Nine Objects examines artifacts from the Haworth parsonage where the sisters lived most of their lives and created their novels, using these artifacts to illustrate a key aspect of their lives and works.
The work of Charlotte Bronte intersects with two fundamental elements in nineteenth-century psychological thought: the practice of moral management and the pseudo-science of phrenology.
When teenager Bronte Tierney decided to write a song about her favourite Kick-Ass superhero, she had no idea she would end up with a role in the sequel.
There has been a long-running campaign to turn the four-bedroom property in west Yorkshire into a museum to celebrate the early years of Bronte sisters.
This paper offers a brief look at some of the meanings, spiritual and otherwise, upon which Emily Bronte may have reflected as she wrote and how these are apparent in her abundant use of three.
AN auctioneer is hoping to score a hat-trick, selling a third item believed to be linked to the literary Bronte sisters.
Translation, Authorship and the Victorian Professional Woman: Charlotte Bronte, Harriet Martineau and George Eliot.
Charlotte Bronte's autograph manuscript, The Young Men's Magazine, Number 2, was sold for [pounds sterling]690,850 / $1,069,229, more than twice the pre-sale estimate of [pounds sterling]200,000-[pounds sterling]300,000 - a record at auction for a manuscript by any of the Bronte sisters.