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Synonyms for bronchus

either of the two main branches of the trachea

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Workers who are employed by the Beedi industry, the Indian version of cigar, are the main victims of bronchial diseases.
Accordingly it is sufficiently proven that the comparator ivy leaves extract is effective and improves pulmonary function and clinical parameters in patients with bronchial diseases.
Rheumatism, bronchial diseases and skin conditions are also successful treated here, alongside the relieving of tension and fatigue.
No pregnant women are allowed, and neither are those suffering from chronic diseases such as uncontrolled diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, bronchial diseases and obesity.
5m people across the world die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning and bronchial diseases caused by wood smoke from cooking.
who claims that because smokers pay pounds 10 billion into the exchequer it makes economic sense to kill 100,000 people annually in this country with smoking related diseases, not forgetting the health care cost from asthma, bronchial diseases, cancer and all the other many smoking-caused illnesses, many so easily avoidable.