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arteries that accompany the bronchioles

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Either 4F or 5F curved Cobra or Judkin's Right catheters were utilised for catheterisation of the bronchial arteries.
Pulmonary circulation in pulmonary atresia can be supplied by a concurrent patent ductus arteriosus or bronchial arteries whereas in CAT, distinct pulmonary arteries arise from the trunk as previously described [4, 29].
1%), only left-side bronchial arteries were abnormal; in 69 patients, only right-side bronchial arteries were abnormal; in the other 144 patients, bilateral bronchial arteries were abnormal.
5) The bronchial arteries may enlarge and hypertrophy.
Led by Gosta Pettersson, MD, vice chairman of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery at the Institute, doctors are developing a way to better restore normal blood supply to the bronchial arteries to help the patients more quickly resume healthy lung function.
Small doses in the bronchial arteries stimulated contraction of smooth bronchial muscle and thus an increase in airway pressure.
In this system, bronchial arteries bring oxygenated blood from the left side of the heart to the airways (bronchi, bronchioles) and the supporting structures (connective tissue) of the lung.
When supportive blood nutrition is provided by bronchial arteries, the pulmonary artery obstruction caused by slow-growing cysts may remain asymptomatic.
DISCUSSION: Haemoptysis usually arises from bronchial arteries, but in case of tubercular lesions, new and collateral vessels develop from systemic circulation.
Subsequently, bronchial arteries on either side were searched using flush aortogram as a guide.
In cases where bronchoscopy fails to identify the cause, angiography of the bronchial arteries can be diagnostically helpful, since the bronchial arteries are frequently the cause of massive haemoptysis (90%) (8,9).
4) The aneurysms usually involve the pulmonary and/or the bronchial arteries, although the systemic circulation can be affected too.