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But there was yet another component to be added to the Bromo Seltzer mixture, perhaps the most important one.
Brodie and Axelrod suggested that acetanilide be replaced in Bromo Seltzer by acetaminophen.
Of a similar encounter with Brainard's magpie routine, the poet Anne Waldman wrote in the Saint Marks Poetry Project newsletter: "Once at the beach in Westhampton, Long Island, he was spotting, bending over and collecting 'anything blue' at an alarming rate--used flash cubes, ancient seaworn Bromo Seltzer bottles, a frayed plastic cord, and broken light bulbs.
He hosted his first NBC broadcast in January 1935 for Bromo Seltzer.
Himmel is betting Bromo Seltzer, purchased last year from Warner Wellcome Consumer Healthcare, shows similar potential.