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a nonmetallic heavy volatile corrosive dark brown liquid element belonging to the halogens

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Himmel announced in July it had obtained the right to market Warner Wellcome Consumer Health Products' Bromo Seltzer.
After the adventures of Mount Bromo the party headed for Bau Bau, including a 14-hour boat journey which certainly was an experience, with people lying everywhere and sharing cabins with cockroaches.
FORCES OF NATURE: Two tourists watch the smoke spewing from Bromo volcano in Indonesian province of East Java yesterday after deadly eruption; UP IN SMOKE: Mount Bromo
A water-based mold release has been developed for bromo and chlorobutyl rubbers.
Indonesia Indonesia is on alert again for a possible volcanic eruption, this time from Mount Bromo,in eastern Java, less than a month after Mount Merapi volcano killed at least 322 people.
Sugeng Priyono, spokesman for the national railway PT Kereta Api Indonesia, said the Argo Bromo Anggrek train was traveling from Jakarta to the East Java provincial capital city of Surabaya, when it plowed into the stationary Senja Utama train before dawn.
While Mount Bromo is one of East Java's most visited spots and is relatively accessible - it's a 45-minute walk or an easy jeep ride from the nearby village of Cemoro Lawang - it's by no means a safe bet.
The recovered substance is believed to be 2CI, a Class A hallucinogenic drug chemically related to 2CB which is also known as Bromo, Nexus, CB, Performax, Spectrum, Venus, Erox, Cloud Nine or Toonies.
Before travelling to Indonesia, I had never even heard of Mount Bromo. I roughly studied our itinerary and re-read the lines that said, 'witness the world's most spectacular sunrise'.
Himmel is betting Bromo Seltzer, purchased last year from Warner Wellcome Consumer Healthcare, shows similar potential.
Of a similar encounter with Brainard's magpie routine, the poet Anne Waldman wrote in the Saint Marks Poetry Project newsletter: "Once at the beach in Westhampton, Long Island, he was spotting, bending over and collecting 'anything blue' at an alarming rate--used flash cubes, ancient seaworn Bromo Seltzer bottles, a frayed plastic cord, and broken light bulbs.
2000 Dollar sales 2001 2000 1999 Trade class (add 000) share share share Food/drug combination stores $22,336 32% 33% N/A Chain drug stores 17,540 25% 26% N/A Discount stores 17,360 25% 23% N/A Supermarkets 9,772 14% 14% N/A Independent drug stores 2,792 4% 4% N/A Best-sellers by dollar sales (*) Market Dollar sales Unit sales Brand Manufacrurer share (add 000) (add 000) Alka-Seltzer Bayer 79.2% $55,241 12,795 Alka-Seltzer PM Bayer 2.5% 1,749 4,116 Bromo Seltzer Numark 0.7% 470 98 (*)Private label brands account for 17.5% of dollar sales and 23.6% of unit sales.
Se tomaron muestras para histologia y recuento espermatico usando la tecnica de d Bromo Uridina, tioglicolato de sodio (0,8M) y Naranja de Acridina,
First, the corner store he's gone to for Bromo is robbed, then he has the bright idea of tracking down the robber at his home.
Because that was the colour of the bottle that 'Bromo Seltzer' originally came in.