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a nonmetallic heavy volatile corrosive dark brown liquid element belonging to the halogens

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While Mount Bromo is one of East Java's most visited spots and is relatively accessible - it's a 45-minute walk or an easy jeep ride from the nearby village of Cemoro Lawang - it's by no means a safe bet.
Initial report is that the Argo Bromo Anggrek train had not yet been given permission to go ahead when it hit the other train.
Bromo, a 2,392-meter-high volcano popular with tourists, erupted at 3:26 p.
But there was yet another component to be added to the Bromo Seltzer mixture, perhaps the most important one.
Of a similar encounter with Brainard's magpie routine, the poet Anne Waldman wrote in the Saint Marks Poetry Project newsletter: "Once at the beach in Westhampton, Long Island, he was spotting, bending over and collecting 'anything blue' at an alarming rate--used flash cubes, ancient seaworn Bromo Seltzer bottles, a frayed plastic cord, and broken light bulbs.
Himmel is betting Bromo Seltzer, purchased last year from Warner Wellcome Consumer Healthcare, shows similar potential.
Strikingly among the compounds with strong anti-silencing properties we found inhibitors of bromo and extra-terminal domain (BET) proteins, which recently became massively popular as new generation chemotherapy anti-cancer drugs.
Indonesian authorities has raised the alert level to its highest level for Mount Bromo on Tuesday and issued warning to villagers and tourists to stay off the rumbling slopes.
Benzos (tranquillisers) Bhang, black, Blast, blow (Weed) Blotter (LSD) Blunts, buds or bush(cannabis) Bromo (2CB & 2-CT-7) Brown (heroin) Base or billy (amphetamines/Speed)
Pupils arrived in Indonesia and headed straight for East Java, where they were to conquer Mount Bromo, an active volcano, where everyone stood in amazement as it rained ash.
A water-based mold release has been developed for bromo and chlorobutyl rubbers.
Among the unannounced visitors were her dogs, Daisy and Bromo.
It manufactures Liquid Bromine, Hydrobromic Acid, n-propyl Bromide, Tetra Bromo Bisphenol A (TBBA), and Speciality Bromine Chemicals used in agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, flame retardants, amongst other applications.
Tenders are invited for Bromo Cresol Purple Andetc.