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a nonmetallic heavy volatile corrosive dark brown liquid element belonging to the halogens

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has come out with a 30%-glass, UL 94V-0 SPS compound that is free of PBB and PBDE bromine compounds.
According to measurements made at seven sites around the globe, total concentrations of chlorine and bromine compounds in the lower atmosphere peaked recently and have now started to drop, reports Stephen Montzka of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Boulder, Colo.
The "ozone holers" also fail to take into account natural sources of chlorine, fluorine and bromine compounds, which make any that man has put into the atmosphere pale by comparison.
The Bromine Group produced 127,000 t of bromine in 1990 together with 130,000 t of bromine compounds.
Great Lakes Solutions, a Chemtura business, has been a leading global producer of methyl bromide and other bromine compounds for more than 40 years.
The company is an IS0-9001-2008 registered manufacturer and distributor of bromine compounds, specialty chemicals, and unique products for the biotech industry as well as the personal care and nutritional industries as well as specialty adhesives for distinctive applications.
UV radiation causes CFCs and similar bromine compounds in the stratosphere to break up into elemental chlorine and bromine that readily destroy ozone molecules.
There has been some concern, particularly in Europe, over certain bromine compounds.