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Synonyms for bromide



Synonyms for bromide

a trite expression or idea

Synonyms for bromide

any of the salts of hydrobromic acid

a trite or obvious remark

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The corrosive fluids implicated in the leak at Total's Elgin field, such as calcium bromide, are commonly used in such deep-sea wells, and experts fear a recurrence as operators, under pressure to offset declining output from conventional reservoirs, turn to deeper, hotter and higher pressure fields.
An extensive well repair programme may be needed if the stress corrosion cracking caused by bromide brine in Elgin is also happening elsewhere.
Some say that the bromides must be used in order to affix the chemical to the backing of an upholstered furniture fabric.
Bromides actually do have sedative properties so their use was not nonsensical.
So sodium bromide would be Emerson's other ingredient.
With increasing plastic product consumption, the demand for bromine and bromides has developed rapidly.
com/research/f9157b/production_and_mar) has announced the addition of the "Production and Market of Bromine and Bromides in China" report to their offering.
As the data shows (Figure 1), samples with the lowest levels of bromide passed Hook testing.