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Maher told Daily News Egypt that the amendments include providing MCDR a screen to feature the shares offered for borrowing thus brokerage firms can know the shares available for borrowing and reserve them.
JT Capital, a new local derivative brokerage firm, officially launched operations in Cambodia on Saturday, joining in on Cambodia's fledgling derivative trading market after receiving a licence from the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC), according to an SECC press release.
On Tuesday, Gulf Baader Capital Markets (GBCM), the largest brokerage firm in Oman, received a merger offer from Financial Services Company.
In the first quarter of 2018, PEODepot launched the software to an elite group of PEO brokerage firms. The Matchmaker changed how these brokerage firms were able to do business.
Investing in foreign stocks means holding shares of companies that are not only based in different geographical locations; they are also driven by respective economy-specific factors,' said a hedge fund manager in a local brokerage firm What could be the benefits to brokerages?
"While cyclicality will always be part of the business model, brokerage firms on the whole have been committed to reducing the potential impacts on their businesses," said Justin Fuller, Senior Director.
Emirates NBD said on Wednesday it has signed an agreement to offer clearing services to UAE-based brokerage firm Shurooq Stocks & Bonds.
Renaissance Capital has been ranked the number one Frontier Markets brokerage firm in the 2017 Extel Survey for the second year in a row.
As we witnessed during the financial crisis, brokerage firms packaged multiple tranches of mortgage-backed securities into one security, with each tranche having a varying degree of credit quality.
At the working dinner meeting with brokerage firms, the managers and representatives exchanged views on market developments, challenges facing the brokerage firms and the means to reduce their costs, as well as the methods to develop the market and brokerage business through expansion of investors-oriented services, such as liquidity provision, margin trading, research activities and market sponsored access.
An MoU was signed by Yasser Zeineldin, CEO, eHosting DataFort and Anil Somaiya, CTO, ISSL at an event that was also attended by senior member representatives of Dubai Financial Market (DFM), Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX), Abu Dhabi Exchange (ADX), as well as members of leading UAE financial brokerage firms.
At the same time, these inflated NCB facilitated brokerage firms to take excessive exposure limits for trading purposes, which transferred the same risk to the exchange trading system as the financial strength of such brokerage houses was not sound enough.
The amended regulations call for selection of auditors for net capital balance (NCB), statutory audit and system audit of brokerage firms from the category A and B of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) panel, said a press release issued here on Saturday.
Muscat: A new draft regulation for insurance brokerage firms has been unveiled by the Capital Market Authority (CMA).