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TIR Sales and Marketing is a division of Turnberry International Realty, a residential real estate brokerage firm with $650 million in annual sales.
An online brokerage firm can also open a regular trading account for you.
Stewart said with the current hot stock market and competition for clients, some ads from online brokerage firms clearly imply that online investors will become rich enough to own islands and bail out small countries.
Liljebeck rotates the buyback assignments among the brokerage firms that issue research reports on his company.
Having experienced counsel that is knowledgeable about the internal workings of brokerage firms, the NASD's CRD system was invaluable to him throughout the process, in particular, at the actual NASD arbitration hearing.
Some of the leading brokerage firms and commercial property owners in New York now participate.
Forrest has seen an analyst from a brokerage firm change a stock's rating from ``short-term outperform'' to ``long-term neutral.
The integrated petroleum company, which is scheduled to report its third quarter numbers on Oct 25, is considered a large-cap stock to own for the long term with three of the leading brokerage firms.
Of the tens of thousands of brokerage firms tracked by CoStar, less than 350 are being recognized as a Top 10 Brokerage Firm based on sales and only 20 firms in each city are being recognized based on leasing activity.
The brokerage firms that are Nasdaq dealers have come under scrutiny for their treatment of investors.
The Company has been notified that there are brokerage firms that have loaned out Pegasus stock, and the borrowing parties are not responding to requests to recall the loaned shares.
Through the system, which goes into effect January 19, 2005, brokerage firms and owners will obtain new property listings more efficiently without having to rely on time-consuming methods of finding space, such as phone calls and site visits.
As brokerage firms struggle to win the business of a skeptical new generation of investors, a growing number of brokers are shaking off old habits.
In a newly released report, Corporate Insight examined brokerage business accounts available to small and medium-sized businesses at fourteen major brokerage firms.
Terra Holdings is in the forefront of employee benefit and compensation programs among all residential brokerage firms in New York State.