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a fund that a customer has entrusted to a securities brokerage

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Mumbai: A brokerage account is an arrangement between a licensed brokerage firm and an investor that allows the former to buy securities for the latter.
During the relevant period, the complaint states, "over $2 trillion in transactions not including the purchase or sale of securities moved through Merrill Lynch brokerage accounts via cash deposits, wires, journal-entry transfers, check writing, ATM withdrawals, cash advances and ACH transfers.
The bank said that the interface can be used to view current securities portfolio, balance for all open brokerage accounts and transaction history.
For example, some committees may have overlooked the participant disclosure requirements for individual brokerage accounts described in DOL Field Assistance Bulletin (FAB) 2012-02R.
But Reish explains that DOL continues to assert that, "where a plan consists solely of brokerage accounts (i.
But Reish (left) explains that DOL continues to assert that, "where a plan consists solely of brokerage accounts (i.
They would use computer programs secretly installed on victims computers that recorded personal financial information, such as credit card and brokerage account numbers.
Nikko Cordial said the debit card is Japan's first backed by a brokerage account and may be used for both yen and dollar settlements as long as the card holder has sufficient yen and dollar funds in the brokerage account at the securities firm.
It also noted that, as general partner, he did not maintain any partnership books or records other than brokerage account statements and partnership tax returns, even though the partnership agreement explicitly required him to do so.
Thanks to self-directed Internet brokerage accounts, employee participants in 401(k) plans can invest a portion of their retirement assets in an array of stocks and mutual funds.
The fees on some DRIP programs are smaller than some brokerage accounts.
Service providers of 401(k) plans are permitting sponsors to augment their plans with self-directed brokerage accounts.
About six times more households use local offices for IRAs and Keogh accounts than use nonlocal offices, and about four times more households use local offices for brokerage accounts than use nonlocal offices.
In its complaint, FINRA alleges that between June 2009 and August 2012, as part of his scheme, Sledziejowski instructed the customers to wire funds from their bank accounts or brokerage accounts to Innovest Holdings LLC, a company wholly owned and controlled by Sledziejowski, separate from the broker-dealer, which, in turn, owned TWS, for various purported investment purposes, including acquiring a Polish bank and buying stock in a vodka company.
The Company added 64,581 gross new brokerage accounts in January and ended the month with approximately 3.