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a fund that a customer has entrusted to a securities brokerage

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During 2012, the brokerage added 900,000 new brokerage accounts to its client-base, At the end of last year, Charles Schwab's brokerage accounts reached a record 8.
They would use computer programs secretly installed on victims computers that recorded personal financial information, such as credit card and brokerage account numbers.
Nikko Cordial said the debit card is Japan's first backed by a brokerage account and may be used for both yen and dollar settlements as long as the card holder has sufficient yen and dollar funds in the brokerage account at the securities firm.
It also noted that, as general partner, he did not maintain any partnership books or records other than brokerage account statements and partnership tax returns, even though the partnership agreement explicitly required him to do so.
THE SECURITIES INVESTOR PROTECTION CORPORATION (SIPC) protects up to $500,000 of securities (limited to $100,000 for cash) held in a customer's brokerage account.
The fees on some DRIP programs are larger than some brokerage accounts.
IRAs and Keogh accounts, brokerage accounts, and trust accounts have relatively large shares of nondepository institution suppliers.
In addition to these new features, Charles Schwab clients can transfer balances between Schwab Bank and Schwab brokerage accounts, place trades in brokerage accounts and pay bills using Schwab Bank Bill Pay[TM] on their mobile devices.
The online brokerage account customer has the choice of not only to execute the recommended trade or not, but also to have her Personal Investment Advisor Representative do it.
Prior to investing in the principal-protected annuity, her funds were in a nonqualified stock brokerage account, and she says the fees and losses from that account were unbearable.
said Wednesday they have concluded a business tie-up agreement under which individual investors can open Matsui's brokerage accounts at the counters of Resona Group bank outlets.
7 million brokerage accounts - including gross new brokerage accounts of 30,349 and net new brokerage accounts of 5,055 during the month, totaling 22,682 net new brokerage accounts quarter-to-date.
The Level 3 Communications stock was held at the firm in both certificate form and in brokerage accounts.
It is rare for account-holders of a brokerage house to be allowed to channel money into their brokerage accounts through the ATMs of banks.
6 million brokerage accounts - including gross new brokerage accounts of 45,744 and net new brokerage accounts of 17,627 during the month.