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While avoiding broker fees is an aim in itself, other factors may also be influencing sellers to seek out buyers on their own.
Small Japanese banks may cash in on broker fees in arranging loans for their clients from foreign lenders.
During the 2005 through 2009 time period, broker fees and yield spread premiums, measured by basis points, also dropped by more than 50%.
Taking into account variations in broker compensation in different funds, the survey found when broker fees are higher, so are fund allocations.
He was adamant that the company never takes broker fees without customers' permission.
Even though New York City apartment vacancies continued to climb in the beginning of the year, some property managers say they no longer have to pay broker fees or offer other incentives to lure renters.
This difference is due in part to high broker fees (which can be up to 10 percent of premiums), and health plan administrative costs that are three times those in the large group market.
This is due in part to high broker fees, which can be up to 10% of premiums, and health plan administrative costs that are three to four times those in the large group market.
com has been providing renters with access to verified apartment rental listings and making it possible to rent directly from landlords and managing agents, bypassing the notoriously expensive broker fees.
Borrowers who use mortgage brokers to find their loan may also have to pay broker fees.
But at the end of the day, the setup will remain the same: insured pays premium and broker fees, insurer pays broker, and broker keeps payments from both insured and insurer.
Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration plans to pay upfront up to $5,000 to the recruits for housing expenses including the cost of moving to the area, a down payment on buying a home, or broker fees and security deposits for renters, according to The New York Times.
The Notice further alleges that Respondent falsified internal loan documents to hide from the Bank the fact that he was charging customers broker fees that exceeded the Bank's broker fee cap and gave customers misleading HUD-1 Settlement Statements that masked the broker fees charged.
In his view, broker fees and contingency commissions have become very distracting for the industry.
Employing a point-system methodology, the program ranks eight areas that determine vendor performance: vendor selection, product/service/quality, caseload and auditing performance, customer service, technology, evaluation and reporting, product costs and value, and broker fees and general matters.