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Synonyms for epistaxis

bleeding from the nose

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The singer said she was unable to take action on her broken nose immediately, which put her at "high risk" of dying or going blind.
She sustained significant facial injuries, including a broken nose, bruising and a cut to her face requiring nine stitches.
He was rushed to the Royal Alexandra Hospital where he was given seven stitches to a deep cut on his head and treated for broken nose.
Zena, who is mother to Jessica, seven, suffered a broken nose, for which she will need an operation due to damaged cartilage.
Steph put up harrowing images of herself in hospital with a "broken nose, broken ribs, severed tendons in her hand and a bitten face" after being abused.
A 24-year-old man was attacked outside the Noodle Bar on Bull Yard and suffered fractured cheek bones, a broken nose, blurred vision and nerve damage.
A broken nose, properly called a nasal bone fracture, is as common as tonight's bar brawl.
Point guard Alex Cabagnot is set to sit out the Beermen's first few games of the PBA 2019 season to allow his broken nose to get a full recovery after getting surgery in December.
The National reports, the 22-year-old British citizen, Asa Hutchinson, has been sentenced to jail for her part in a restaurant fight that left a computer executive with a broken nose.
A POLICE officer suffered a suspected broken nose while another officer was left with a broken wrist as violence erupted outside a city centre pub.
A man was being treated in hospital for a broken nose and jaw on Saturday after he was beaten up in Larnaca by a driver whom he followed because he had abandoned the scene of a crash.
CONTROLLING Carl Tennant subjected his partner to a terrifying attack after complaining that his breakfast was not ready - then set about giving her a "broken nose for Christmas".
A ROBBERY victim was hit over the head with a bottle and suffered a broken nose, as he walked on wasteland in Middlesbrough.
CHAMPION jockey Jim Crowley, who was lucky to emerge from a horrific fourhorse pile-up at Kempton on Monday with just a broken nose, is praying that fellow rider Freddy Tylicki, who remains in intensive care, makes a full recovery.
A TAXI driver was left with a broken nose following a Newcastle city centre assault.