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a triangular gable between a horizontal entablature and a sloping roof

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There's the Chippendale broken pediment on the AT&T building in New York City, enlarged to hundreds of feet and erected hundreds of feet up in the air so that the mind is stunned and terrified and, at the same time, strangely bored.
It has the obligatory broken pediment and "flame" finial of its traditional counterparts, but these are strictly for fun.
Photo: Echoing classic lines, front exterior uses simplified versions of broken pediment at top and portico with square pillars at entry.
The strong white line of the store's overhang creates the suggestion of a classical colonnade--complete with broken pediment over the entrance crowned by a circular glass insert stenciled with Lunds' distinctive logo.
It was built in 1862 and the faade features a broken pediment with a semi-circular date plaque, a Venetian window and pairs of tall, rounded, headed windows framed by giant fluted pilasters.
But locals will probably remember him most for his once-controversial 1984 'Chippendale' building on Madison Avenue, named after the broken pediment which crowns it, now owned by Sony.