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French nuclear physicist who generalized the wave-particle duality by proposing that particles of matter exhibit wavelike properties (1892-1987)

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Esto condujo a una version del test compuesto por 11 items (dos de Efecto fotoelectrico, dos del Modelo de Bohr, dos sobre Longitud de onda de De Broglie, dos de Relaciones de Heisenberg y, tres sobre Elementos clave de la Mecanica cuantica basica segun el formalismo de Schrodinger).
Potomac Disposal had staffing problems that led to late pickups or no pickups at all, Broglie said.
The goal of the paper is development of computational and experimental method for the detection and study of quantized EWP and de Broglie electron half-waves in the metal conductor with a high density pulsed axial current.
We also demonstrated that measurement of a reduced de Broglie wavelength does not mean beating the SQL, via another experiment, which shows high-visibility multi-photon fringes, but cannot beat the SQL.
At the time, the British tabloids were harsh, Edouard de Broglie recalls.
7) Louis de Broglie 1892-1987 A French aristocrat whose mother felt that his seemingly frustrated efforts in the new science meant her youngest son, by the standards of the de Broglie dynasty, was a failure.
Edouard de Broglie, the man behind the restaurant Dans le Noir?
NOAA is proceeding with all appropriate actions and intends to fully comply with GAO's decision and recommended corrective actions," said William Broglie, NOAA's chief administrative officer.
For those who get excited over the grandeur and mystique of one of the most debated realities of Physics -- the ' Quantum Theory' -- the book cruises past the lives and works of old masters and young turks -- Ernest Rutherford, Prince Louis De Broglie, Wolfgang Pauli, Erwin Schrodinger and Arnold Sommerfield, to name a few.
Amy Winehouse, left, gets a makeover for Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres' 1853 work Princess Albert de Broglie.
Amy is in Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres's Princess Albert de Broglie.
Mark Kasevich, Stanford University, Atomic de Broglie Wave Navigation Sensors and Applications of Ultra-fast Electron Sources
Doppler shows the origins of special relativity and the de Broglie wavelength, the basis of the Schroedinger Equation.
Louis de Broglie made a similar argument regarding the material atom: the concept of the classical atom, when interrogated, collapses upon itself to offer a glimpse of wave-particle duality.
Il obtint son doctorat de l'Universite de Szeged en 1946, avant d'entreprendre des etudes postdoctorales a Paris sous la direction de Louis de Broglie et de Raymond Daudel.