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Synonyms for area

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Synonyms for area

a surrounding site

a rather small part of a geographic unit considered in regard to its inhabitants or distinctive characteristics

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Synonyms for area

the extent of a 2-dimensional surface enclosed within a boundary

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found decreased RSA to be associated with decreased rCBF in ventromedial PFC (Brodmann's area 10), anterior to pregenual ACC, and with increased rCBF in the cerebellum [40].
The boundaries between many Brodmann's areas occur in the depths of sulci.
This area corresponds to the posterior part of the frontal lobe (Brodmann's area 4, the primary motor field of the isocortex) and the anterior parts of the cerebral parietal lobe (the gyrus postcentralis, which corresponds to the primary somatosensory fields, Brodmann's areas 1, 2, and 3).
[5] This location corresponds to Brodmann's area 2.
Metabolism in the APOE-4 group was significantly lower in the left lateral temporal cortex (Brodmann's areas 20 and 21).