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Synonyms for broccoli

plant with dense clusters of tight green flower buds

branched green undeveloped flower heads

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My oldest daughter will make her brocolli rice dish and pimento cheese sandwiches.
My friend Roz had black pepper sirloin steak which was cooked with onions and peppers and served in a black pepper sauce with brocolli.
Age profile of broccoli consumers CHILDREN 0-10 15% 11-16 7% MALE 17-34 9% 35-64 18% 65+ 8% FEMALE 17-34 11% 35-64 20% 65+ 12% Info: Usage overview of brocolli.
This year, I will be experimenting with establishing a bed of permanent Dutch white cover, then simply planting right through the cover when setting out large transplants like brocolli, kale, etc.
PURPLE-SPROUTING BROCOLLI is a personal favourite and I've brought on some Claret from seed to plant out this week.
Ample vegetables - chips, boiled and roast potatoes, brocolli and carrots (but were they a little less than piping hot?
By that I mean words like `accommodation' and if you look at the title of my book, `Accomodating Brocolli in the Cemetary or why can't anybody spell', I have deliberately included words that look like they're spelt properly but aren't.
It was a very generous portion, with nice chunks of white meat chicken, plenty of brocolli but bland flavor.
Previously experts who had believed five or more helpings a day prevented cancer are now only prescribing 'superfoods' like brocolli and spinach, which probably protect against a few cancers.
A short-crust pastry base is filled with either Cropwell Bishop stilton and brocolli or Welsh mild creamy goat's cheese with Wiltshire onion marmalade.
This was backed up by crispy potatoes, cauliflower and brocolli in cheese sauce and lots of gravy.
79 per kilo for sliced carrot batons and 75p for loose, while they were selling brocolli for pounds 1.
Winter veggies include beets, brocolli, Brussels sprouts, cabbages, carrots, cauliflower, Chinese peas, garlic, leeks, lettuces, onions, peas, radishes, snap peas, spinach, Swiss chard, and turnips.
2 diced carrots 3 sticks of celery 2 leeks 1 onion 3 mixed peppers Brocolli Small spoon of coriander leaf Small spoon of garlic granules Half pkt of red split lentils 3/4 pkt of yellow split peas Allow to simmer for 30 minutes, then leave to cool.
Any apprehension held by Bond fans after the end of the Brocolli dynasty is dispelled by Mendes' over-the-top, seat-crunching, in-your-face directing.