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Synonyms for broccoli

plant with dense clusters of tight green flower buds

branched green undeveloped flower heads

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Coginiwch y brocoli mewn |dwr hallt nes ei fod yn barod.
Les apports recommandes sont de 110 milligrammes par jour, pas plus, pour un adulte (deux oranges).Les choux (le brocoli surtout), le persil et le poivron en contiennent egalement beaucoup.
According to the Complete Farmer published in 1767, "there are three sorts of brocoli cultivated in our kitchen gardens, the Roman or purple brocoli; the Naples, or white brocoli; and the brown or black brocoli."
Lawr a fi i Frongoch, a dod adre efo hadau brocoli, letys a kit tyfu pupur.
Despite its name, (his dark leafy green is actually a closer relative of the turnip family than brocoli. While it was originally cultivated in the Mediterranean and China, it is well know n around the world by mam names, such as rapini.