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Canadian physicist who bounced neutron beams off of atomic nuclei to study the structure of matter (1918-2003)

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Brockhouse Engineering took over Vulcan in the 1930s and, alongside their other vehicles, also produced the collapsible Corgi motorbike used by paratroopers after the end of World War II.
Researchers have also explored the exposure to the traumatic experiences of clients as predictive of posttraumatic growth (Brockhouse et al., 2011).
"I recognise Ron and Mabel Bradley, Chris Low and my son David Brockhouse, of the Cub Scouts," said Tony.
Brockhouse actually created a new trend in the field of neutron physics associated with the measurement of spectra of fast and slow neutrons and other elementary particles, including the quasi-particles (photons) [21, 23].
For example, the term "therapist" has been used to describe social workers (e.g., Ben-Porat & Itzhaky, 2009), psychologists (e.g., Linley & Joseph, 2007), a mix of mental health professionals (e.g., Samios, Rodzik, & Abel, 2012), and undefined groups of health professionals (e.g., Brockhouse et al., 2011).
Mary Anne White, a chemist at Dalhousie University, and Bruce Gaulin of McMaster University's Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research, combined their facilities and expertise to explore how heat affects the magnetic properties of a metal oxide.
ONTARIO Environmental ideas run in the family for two Canadian university professors and half-brothers who jointly received the prestigious Brockhouse Canada Prize in 2013.
Brockhouse, "Vibrations of a mixed crystal: neutron scattering from Ni55Pd45," Physical Review B: Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, vol.
Dennis Brockhouse, 63, of Gleneagles Court, Whitley Bay.
Exhibits include a 1949 Brockhouse Corgi motorbike, 1974 Robin Hood sports car, 1981 Aston Martin V8 Vantage, 1960 Humber Hawk and a1953 Ferguson TED Tractor.
For verification of 3D computed magnetic flux and analytical results in different parts of the prototype machine, flux density measurement in the teeth of the motor is carried out by GAUSSMETER BROCKHOUSE 460.
They won the Brockhouse Perpetual Challenge Trophy for the Best Exhibit for the entire show and the John A Chatterton Memorial Trophy for the best exhibit in the Grand Floral Marquee.
Stratford and Brockhouse & Cooper Inc, the Montreal institutional investment advisor Pavilion bought earlier, are expected to start doing business under the Pavilion name in the second half of this year.Country: USA, Sector: Banking/Financial ServicesTarget: Stratford Advisory GroupBuyer: Pavilion Financial Corporation Type: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Closed
Brockhouse retired in July as a co-op development specialist with USDA's Cooperative Programs.