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small South American deer with unbranched antlers

male red deer in its second year

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A brocken spectre is created when a person stands above the upper surface of a cloud with the sun behind them.
Includes all rail and coach travel from London St Pancras International, accommodation with Maritim Hotels, excursions to Unesco sites Goslar and Quedlinburg, a steamhauled journey on the heritage Brocken Railway and a journey on the Selke Valley narrow gauge railway.
Take the steam railway to the summit of the Brocken -the highest peak in the area.
Earlier this year, he won the February Stakes, a Grade One race, aboard Success Brocken.
1 Well Armed (US) 128 2 Big City Man (Saudi) 124 Rachel Alexandra (US) 4 Zenyatta (US) 123 5 Fabulous Strike (US) 122 Summer Bird (US) Two Step Salsa (UAE) 8 Albertus Maximus (US) 121 Einstein (US) Friesan Fire (US) Gayego (UAE) Mine That Bird (US) Success Brocken (Jap) Dirt/all-weather 1 Gladiatorus (UAE) 129 2 J J The Jet Plane (SA) 126 3 Sacred Kingdom (HK) 125 4 Ask (GB) 124 Deep Sky (Jap) Paco Boy (GB) Sea The Stars (Ire) Vodka (Jap) Youmzain (GB) 10 Duncan (GB) 123 Turf TOP PERFORMERS 2009
Mike Brocken, course leader and senior lecturer in popular music at Liverpool Hope University, said: "There have been over 8,000 books about The Beatles but there has never been serious academic study and that is what we are going to address.
Asked how a postgraduate course could help people gain employment as the credit crunch continues to cut jobs, Mr Brocken said: "I think any MA equips people with extra study and research skills.
The witches' sabbath atop the Brocken, celebrated on the eve of May, had been depicted in engravings, evoked on maps of the Harz region, cited in prose and poetry, and dismissed by Enlightenment rationalists as superstitious legend.
In fact, Cooper's masterful synopsis of the various cultural meanings of the history and legends surrounding the Brocken (the highest peak of the Harz mountains in central Germany and the geographic center of Walpurgis Night celebrations in modern sources) legitimizes his ambitious claims regarding the poet's and composer's intents by outlining the subtle meanings of the history of Walpurgis Night in Germany and explaining their significance to the society of Goethe's and Mendelssohn's generations.
The folk scene here portrayed by Mr Brocken is not recognizable from that of which we have been a part as club organizers, performers and recording artists for upwards of forty-five years.
Inspired by centuries-old folk legends about broomstick-flying witches who gathered once a year atop Germany's Brocken Mountain, "They Were Wrong So We Drowned" is the Liars' creepy interpretation - in music, sound effects and words - of a struggle between witches and terrified Christian villagers who drowned innocent young girls suspected of witchcraft.
Sir Bobby Robson will fully understand the threat liable to be posed by the likes of Runar Normann, Tommy Edvardsen and David Brocken in this evening's Uefa Cup showdown.
And she takes a distinctly unhealthy interest in young honeymooners Captain Hans Brocken (Coogan) and his new wife Carmina (Sally Breton), who are forced to stay in the haunted building.
There is a mountain very high and bare, whereon it is given out that witches hold their dance on Walpurgis Night," writes folklorist Jacob Grimm in his Teutonic Mythology about the Brocken, sometimes shown on old maps as the Blocksberg.
His first novel, Henry Brocken, was published in 1904 and his Poems in 1906.