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The results generally show that the value-added wood products sector in Canada is still in the brochureware stage of e-business; however, their current adoption rates and attitude indicate they are prepared to increase their e-business.
Brochureware came first, followed by simple e-commerce, Vidali says.
But most companies think that the digital revolution is, get up a website and put your product brochures online, and have your shopping cart and your glossy brochureware on the Web.
The web-based study, which was conducted by software developer JBS Computer Services Ltd, showed that of the surveyed companies 52% did not have a web site at all, 36% had brochureware sites and just 2% had web sites that had been designed to generate commercial returns.
You go to a software company's Web site and blow through the expensive brochureware because it's just a bunch of bushwa.
Where should you begin your efforts to move from today's brochureware websites to real-time, end-to-end, consumer-centric e-commerce business?
By enabling customers to use the business identity of their visitors, and all key company attributes needed to determine relevancy in real-time, we make it possible to take web sites from one-size-fits-all brochureware to an engaging, more relevant online experience that is optimized for conversion," said Chris Golec, CEO, Demandbase.
Jeffrey Chesky, CEO of Insuritas announced, "The E-InsuranceAISLE(TM) solution is the first technology platform to allow financial institutions to transform their web sites from static brochureware, PFM and online banking sites into e-commerce engines, converting millions of free online banking customers into shoppers, converting their web sites from cost centers into critical fee income generators.
Yet many companies bury that very basic information on their websites under layers of glossy brochureware and marketing copy, making what should be a slam-dunk informative visit a fruitless exercise.
Acting similar to a Web-based application rather than a traditional brochureware (noninteractive) website, the redesigned site displays content that is custom tailored to each individual user's membership level and needs.