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The results generally show that the value-added wood products sector in Canada is still in the brochureware stage of e-business; however, their current adoption rates and attitude indicate they are prepared to increase their e-business.
Knowing that a `decent' and genuinely interactive site can be assembled for as little as 30k [pounds sterling], it is staggering to see the amount of `brain-sapping' brochureware still being peddled by a majority of organic operators.
She doesn't recommend in-house website design: "Since today's standard website goes far beyond brochureware and static displays, you really need a professional to make sure that it's designed and coded for optimum performance.
If they've been doing mostly brochureware, a lot of companies are now finally getting around to the point that 'we really need to do something.
Most sites are those of individual design firms and equipment producers, and of the hundreds of sites of this genre which were reviewed, only a handful had content beyond brochureware and rudimentary ordering instructions.
However, if you simply throw some brochureware on your site, pay little or no attention to proper navigation, and seldom update your content or graphics, guess what?
For firms positioned at the brochureware stage, implementing an organizational Internet site serves as a substitute medium for corporate communications and advertising.
Content designed in the Web's native environment was often brochureware.
The web-based study, which was conducted by software developer JBS Computer Services Ltd, showed that of the surveyed companies 52% did not have a web site at all, 36% had brochureware sites and just 2% had web sites that had been designed to generate commercial returns.
But most companies think that the digital revolution is, get up a website and put your product brochures online, and have your shopping cart and your glossy brochureware on the Web.