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the motor speech center in the left hemisphere of the brain in most people

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Third, the left tempoparietal region is functionally disconnected from fusiform gyrus and Broca's area. Fourth, overactivation is observed in the right tempoparietal region and in Broca's area, suggesting compensatory processes.
The motor association area also provides connections for cranial nerves III, IV, VI, IX, X and XI.[12,18] Broca's area is primarily concerned with expressions of speech such as word formation and memory of motor patterns, depending on hemisphere dominance.
Friederici [24], for example, demonstrated a subdivision, according to which neural networks activated in "Broca's area," specifically pars opercularis and pars triangularis (areas BA 44/45), support the reconstruction of sequential input into hierarchical syntactic structures during language comprehension, while BA6 and the frontal operculum support the processing of local structures.
"Broca's area and related right-brain tissue might help to process other types of rule-based information."
It is called Broca's Area and is situated about two inches above and forward of each ear.
The most prominent such sites were the inferior frontal gyrus, especially during nonsense word rhyming, and Broca's area, a crucial location for speech processing.
These regions include the inferior frontal gyrus, or Broca's area, in the front left side of the brain, and the posterior temporal region, commonly referred to as Wernicke's area, toward the back left side of the brain.
"Two central mysteries of human brain function are addressed in this study: one, the way in which higher cognitive processes such as language are implemented in the brain and, two, the nature of what is perhaps the best-known region of the cerebral cortex, called Broca's area," said first author Dr.
In contrast, people employing a second language acquired later exhibit neuronal bustle in another segment of Broca's area, the researchers report in the July 12 NATURE.
habilis specimen contains a groove in the left frontal lobe that resembles Broca's area, a region critical for speech production and the comprehension of complex grammatical phrases by modern humans.
Named after French physician, Pierre Paul Broca, who identified the region in two brain-damaged patients incapable of uttering more than a few words, Broca's area usually occupies a much larger portion of the left half of the human brain than the right.
Lieberman argues that Broca's area, a left-hemisphere structure involved in speech production and the comprehension of complex sentences, has a primitive counterpart in the ape brain and a long evolutionary history.
Tatiana revealed that the LIFG includes Broca's area, named after the 19th-century French scientist Paul Pierre Broca, which is responsible for aspects of speech production, language processing and language comprehension.
Human language is heavily associated with Broca's area, a part of the brain that seems to support more complex operations.
The speech center of our brain is located in the left hemisphere, specifically the Broca's area. An earlier study had shown that even before we speak, the Broca's area is buzzing with electrical activity.