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the motor speech center in the left hemisphere of the brain in most people

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Neuroimaging studies have demonstrated that brain areas activated during speaking are notoriously larger than the classical Broca's area (Ardila, Bernal, & Rosselli, 2016d; Gernsbacher & Kaschak, 2003; Pickering & Garrod, 2013).
Direct cortical stimulation with bipolar electrode in the region of anticipated Broca's area, i.
This new finding helps us move towards a less dichotomous view where Broca's area is not a center for speech production, but rather a critical area for integrating and coordinating information across other brain regions.
Generally, verbal fluency paradigms require expressive language and secondarily, language comprehension and therefore activations are noted in Broca's areas and Wernicke's area in the dominant hemisphere, in addition to pre-motor cortex, posterior fusiform gyrus, middle temporal gyrus and dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.
Focusing on Paul Broca's role, and discussing his views as a member of the French Senate, his personal life, and other interests that led him to the exploration of what became known as Broca's area, he also describes the historical context of Descartes, reason, and the scientific method; the context of the Enlightenment; the roles of Bouillaud, Aubertin, and others; the contribution of phrenology to the understanding of localization of functions of the brain; the cases of Leborgne and Lelong; and Broca's contributions to cancer, handedness, anthropology, genetics, cranial anthropometry, trepanation, and other subjects.
Stimulation was targeted to Broca's area in the left side of the brain, a region linked to speech production.
For instance, Erard tells us that the brain of a German diplomat who knew 60-odd languages had a high density of neurons in a language-related sector of the frontal lobe known as Broca's area.
If another part of the brain important for language, called Broca's area, is damaged a very different disruption to speech occurs.
Position of Sheep I" doesn't collapse the distinction between phenomena and our interpretation of them via Broca's area.
Nonetheless, for many years, Broca's area was highlighted in any discussion of the evolution of language, because a well-defined, enlarged (and hence modern-like) Broca's area can be relatively securely identified on the surface of a fossil brain endocast (see discussion below).
The F5 area in macaques corresponds to Broca's area in humans, which is commonly considered to be responsible for speech.
Other structures related to the pterion include: middle cerebral artery, anterior pole of the insula and the Broca's area (Lindsay et al.
The Broca's area produces language or articulates words.
But the evocation of the pain, indignity, and anxiety is much less compelling than what follows, after the stroke strikes West's Broca's area, and the book becomes a report on what it is like for a verbal maestro to find himself suddenly incommunicado.
Aphasia can affect a section of the brain known as Broca's area, which controls language production, or Wernicke's area, which controls the interpretation of language.