expressive aphasia

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aphasia in which expression by speech or writing is severely impaired

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Because of its location in the brain (below Broca's area), it is understandable that BA47 participates in language production and grammar.
This new finding helps us move towards a less dichotomous view where Broca's area is not a center for speech production, but rather a critical area for integrating and coordinating information across other brain regions.
Both the Societe d'Anthropologie and Broca's later creation, Ecole d' Anthropologie, were models for the institutionalization of anthropology abroad.
She suggests that although Broca's and Wernicke's aphasics may show similar patterns in sentence comprehension, the underlying causes may be different.
Since most people are right-handed, the affected area is usually in the left hemisphere, and in the case of Broca's aphasia, the damage is most often to the left posterior frontal lobe, and may also involve white matter and the basal ganglia of the brain.
Findings from diffusion tensor imaging (a way-cool display of disrupted water flow in the brain that has to be seen to be appreciated) showed that the brains of both a small group of adolescents who had smoked marijuana daily for a year and a group of schizophrenic teens showed the same structural abnormalities in the fiber pathway that connects Broca's area in the left frontal lobe with Wernicke's area in the left temporal lobe.
Broca's opportunity to take him up on that bet came within a week, when he began to study the case of a syphilis patient named M.
Language centers such as Broca's area, which is named for the 19th century French neurologist Paul Broca, are correspondingly larger on the left side of the brain in most right-handed people.
Philippe de Broca's rousing costumer maintains the audacity of Helve Bazin's perverse, 1920s-set Gallic childhood classic, highlighting the comedy of maternal monstrousness and letting the horror speak for itself.
Women in the chemotherapy group had decreased glucose metabolism in the superior frontal gyrus and in Broca's area in the dominant hemisphere and in its contralateral counterpart, compared with the control group.
Patel's own preliminary data suggest that damage to a brain region known as Broca's area impairs not only comprehension of language but also recognition of harmonically related chords.
Broca's area, a region on the left side of your brain just behind your forehead is the "vocalizer.
The part of the brain involved, called Broca's area,deals with memory, language processing and organisation.
The team, led by Kuniyoshi Sakai, assistant professor at the University of Tokyo, says a specific part of Broca's area in the frontal cortex is responsible for grammar, while a different part manages vocabulary.