expressive aphasia

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aphasia in which expression by speech or writing is severely impaired

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Siguroardottir and Sighvatsson (2003, 2005, and 2006) worked with four people with Broca's aphasia whose onset of symptoms ranged from 1?
If Broca's area is damaged, people may mostly understand the meaning of words and know how they want to respond.
Improved picture naming in chronic aphasia after TMS to part of right Broca's area: An open-protocol study.
Healthy subjects activated most vigorously in the anterior portion of the left inferior frontal gyrus, a locus equivalent to what researchers call Brodmann's areas 45 and 47 (which, incidentally, is just anterior-inferior to the classical Broca's area).
She suggests that although Broca's and Wernicke's aphasics may show similar patterns in sentence comprehension, the underlying causes may be different.
His research led to historical explanations and scientific research, especially Broca's discovery that the brain is divided into two halves and joined by a web of connections that cause the left brain to control the right side of the body and vice-versa.
Of 6 patients with Broca's aphasia and 4 with Wernicke's aphasia (mean age of 70 years), all 10 showed significant improvement on all of the tests after receiving propranolol.
Evidence is emerging that implicates cortical areas, such as the mouth presentation in the primary motor cortex (M1, Brodmann's area 4, BA 4), Broca's area (left inferior frontal region), the supplementary motor area (SMA, also known as Penfield's area), Brodmann's area 6 (BA 6, which is the SMA and superior lateral premotor region), the inferior lateral premotor cortex (BA 6/44), Wernicke's area, the auditory processing system, which includes the primary auditory cortex (BA 41/42), the auditory association cortex (BA 21/22), the anterior insula, the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC), as well as the somatic sensory area (Brodal, 1981:835; Fox et al.
Findings from diffusion tensor imaging (a way-cool display of disrupted water flow in the brain that has to be seen to be appreciated) showed that the brains of both a small group of adolescents who had smoked marijuana daily for a year and a group of schizophrenic teens showed the same structural abnormalities in the fiber pathway that connects Broca's area in the left frontal lobe with Wernicke's area in the left temporal lobe.
and colleagues used DTI to examine the arcuate fasciculus, a bundle of fibers connecting the Broca's area in the left frontal lobe and the Wernicke's area in the left temporal lobe of the brain.
Broca's opportunity to take him up on that bet came within a week, when he began to study the case of a syphilis patient named M.
Women in the chemotherapy group had decreased glucose metabolism in the superior frontal gyrus and in Broca's area in the dominant hemisphere and in its contralateral counterpart, compared with the control group.
Broca's area, a region on the left side of your brain just behind your forehead is the "vocalizer.
The part of the brain involved, called Broca's area,deals with memory, language processing and organisation.