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French anthropologist who studied the craniums and brains of different races of people

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In the 1860s, French physician Pierre Paul Broca pinpointed this prefrontal brain region as the seat of speech.
By the time of Antenor Firmin's election to the society, both the plainclothed officer and Broca were gone--the latter having expired only a few years earlier in 1880.
While the majority of the 56 women with mutations were positive for BRCA1 (26 patients) or BRCA2 (20 patients), other inherited mutations detected in the BROCA panel were found in 10 patients.
She said there are no plans to market the BROCA test, however.
Paul Pierre Broca studied the brains of dysphasic patients.
Evaluacion en laboratorio de nematodos Steinernematidos y Heterohabditidos para el control biologico de la broca del cafe, Hypothenemus hampei Ferr.
The Televisa contingent: Maura Homo, Claudia Silva, Vicente Zarazua, Sebastian Vives, Gabrieia Broca, Monica Alvarez, Cecilia Galeana.
6 10 7 23 Fluent 0 15 2 non-comprehendible 24 Normal content 11 9 11 dystarthria 25 No reading 0 0 0 26 Non-fluent 15 18 12 comprehensible 27 No reading 0 0 0 28 Non-fluent 15 16 13 comprehensible 29 No reading 0 0 0 30 Non-fluent 2 4 5 dysarhtria 31 Fluent dysarthria 13 16 13 Total According Patient Calculation score to GAT no Writing (Ms:7) (Ms:74) aphasia type 1 Legible 7 74 Anomic 2 Incomprehensible 0 13 Broca 3 Letters discernible 0 18 Wernicke 4 Legible 4 34 Anomic 5 Cannot write at all 4 66 Broca 6 Incompre-hensible 4 60 Trc.
Peter Harvey is a corporate banking expert with more than 30 years experience at Barclays Bank, where he held a number of positions, including chief executive of the UK business banking operation and vice chairman of UK banking He is currently chairman of software firm Broca, works as a consultant with Ernst & Young and is a director of Surrey Cricket Club.
this reader provides insight into the history of psychology in the United States by combining original sources by such figures as John Locke, John Stuart Mill, Paul Broca, Willam James, Wilhelm Wundt, James Rowland, Sigmund Freud, John B.
A song of Lilith is a result of the author's collaboration with the visual artist Lilian Broca, who provided the artwork for the poetic rendition of the legend.
It is known that the left insula cortex forms an anatomical bridge between Broca and Wernicke's areas, that most speech functions involve the dorsal left anterior insula, and that damage to the left insula contributes to dyspraxia (Ingham et al.
Paul Pierre Broca, a surgeon and genius already well respected for his advances in medicine and anthropology by that time, was in the audience when Aubertin made a fateful challenge.
Young Pierre Paul Broca, just seventeen and already entering medical school, creates something of a stir.