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French anthropologist who studied the craniums and brains of different races of people

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Script training was found to be an effective therapy for rejuvenating lost communication of patients with severe Broca's aphasia.
In these cases, it can be assumed that BA47 is simply one of the multiple steps in the brain language production network ("Broca' s complex").
For 150 years, the iconic Broca's area of the brain has been recognized as the command center for human speech, including vocalization.
La broca del cafe, Hypothenemus hampei (Ferrari) (Coleoptera: Scolytinae), es el principal problema entomologico que afecta la caficultura en muchos paises del mundo, debido a que ataca los frutos directamente reduciendo su valor comercial y en muchos casos, ocasiona la caida prematura de los mismos (Bustillo 2008a; Benavides et al.
All participants had a clinical profile of Broca's aphasia (nonfluent speech, relatively preserved comprehension, and impaired repetition).
The Societe D'Anthropologie de Paris (hereafter referred to as simply the Societe) was not the first French Learned Society devoted to anthropology, but after being founding in 1859, and under the leadership of the anatomist/surgeon Paul Broca, it quickly developed into "the most important anthropological society anywhere in the world" (Bernasconi, 2008, p.
The company will change name to Broca plc after this deal.
La broca del cafe Hypothenemus hampei, es una de las plaga mas limitante en la caficultura mundial (BUSTILLO, 2008; VEGA et al., 2009).Para el control biologico de esta plaga se han realizado varios esfuerzos por crear metodologias para la cria masiva de este insecto y poder criar sus parasitoides utilizando cafe cereza y pergamino.
Based on Gripari's storytelling sessions for children in a cafe in the rue Broca in Paris and ideas suggested by his young listeners, these strange, funny and subversive stories could only arise from the imaginations of children or an unconventional adult.