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Synonyms for Brobdingnagian

Synonyms for Brobdingnagian

unusually great in size or amount or degree or especially extent or scope

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Gulliver becomes more critical of the Brobdingnagians after his failure to present England in a positive light to the King, suddenly declaring the learning of the giants to be "defective" and their language "simple", choosing again to ground the worth of culture in language.
As Gulliver's command of the Brobdingnagian language increases, so too does the degree to which he becomes a part of their culture.
Demonstrating full competence of the Brobdingnagian language, Gulliver delivers an ornate speech detailing the wonders and intricacies of British government, law, religion, and history that stretches over five separate meetings, using his most "artful" rhetorical skill to avoid answering some of the questions that he feels will reflect particularly poorly on the English, ultimately in the hope that he will impress the King with the richness and splendor of English culture.
This leaves the Brobdingnagian monarch free rein to conclude "the bulk of [Englishman] to be the most pernicious race of little odious vermin that nature ever suffered to crawl upon the surface of the earth" and that the entirety of English history is "only a heap of conspiracies, rebellions, murders, massacres, revolutions, banishments, the very worst effects that avarice, faction, hypocrisy, perfidiousness, cruelty, rage, madness, hatred, envy, lust, malice, and ambition, could produce".
A titanic struggle between the Brobdingnagians and the Bridegrooms ensues.
The "nimble" Timotheus (Tim Keefe, the workhorse of the Giants pitching staff in the 1880s and briefly brother-in-law to Ward)(6) is pitching for the Brobdingnagians, and to the pleasure of his catcher, Duck Owing (Buck Ewing, the Giants' great catcher), he promptly retires the first two hitters he faces.
Both of these differ sharply from the defective Learning of the Brobdingnagians, "consisting only in Morality, History, Poetry and Mathematicks" (111) and the principal Houyhnhnm virtues of "Friendship and Benevolence" (234).
I am still unable to explain the Brobdingnagian King's profession "to abominate and despise all Mystery, Refinement, and Intrigue, either in a Prince or a Minister" (111).
With respect to Political Science in particular, utilizing my own travels as a Sample, would enable the Capstone Yahoo to avoid the Brobdingnagian Defect of "not having hitherto reduced Politicks into a Science" and confining Politics to "common sense and Reason" (111).
Most perplexing, however, is the Brobdingnagian King who has disdain for War yet maintains an Army.
In this microscopic expedition, Burke becomes a Gulliver among the Brobdingnagians, where what was supposedly small becomes vast.
The Brobdingnagians continue the satire in part 2 by exaggerating man's grossness through their enlarged size.