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a street in Manhattan that passes through Times Square

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For that night he proposed only the wrecking of Broadway. He directed the air-fleet to move in column over the route of this thoroughfare, dropping bombs, the Vaterland leading.
Again across Broadway, and so - passing from the many-coloured crowd and glittering shops - into another long main street, the Bowery.
Once more in Broadway! Here are the same ladies in bright colours, walking to and fro, in pairs and singly; yonder the very same light blue parasol which passed and repassed the hotel-window twenty times while we were sitting there.
For example, by limiting black performers' access to "legitimate" Broadway theatre, the syndicate's control of bookings in New York City in the teens ironically contributed to the formation of alternate all-black troupes such as the Lafayette Players, where many black actresses received professional experience and training.
Like those on Broadway, Off-Broadway theaters began to suffer from soaring costs, which this stimulated the emergence of still less expensive and more daring productions, labeled Off-Off-Broadway.
Foot Locker was previously located at 541 Broadway between Prince and Spring.
What I like about this way of tackling our Broadway musicals is that it makes something distinctly new of something distinctly old.
"There are gay Lord of the Rings fans from the 1960s who have taught me how to write in Elvish," marvels Broadway, whose Ringers was just released on DVD (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, $24.94) after a well-received premiere at January's Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.
"I don't know if the public at large across the country really knows what Off Broadway is," says Brad Simon, president of the Brad Simon Organization, which is booking "Golf: The Musical," "Newsical the Musical" and the Stephen Schwartz family tuner "Captain Louie."
cocktail reception, will feature TV's Pia Lindstrom as Master of Ceremonies, casts of several Broadway shows in performance, and the organization's annual Broadway Beacon Awards.
So it's safe to say that it's just an accident that the coming Broadway season is shaping up as a classic showdown between dance-driven musicals and the other kind.
Broadway's latest season is immortalized in Scott Pask's snow globe, which can be wound up to play "New York, New York." Get your friends wound up with the Broadway Bares calendar.
"The Tonys were invented by the Broadway theater, which is a community.
Broadway Dance Center will occupy the entire third floor, which will be delivered raw, for a term of six-and-a-half years.
Larson had turned New York's supposedly seamy side into a celebration of life and love, and Rent turned New York on its head, packing successively bigger theaters en route to Broadway, a fistful of Tony Awards, and the 1996 Pulitzer Prize for drama.