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an advertisement (usually printed on a page or in a leaflet) intended for wide distribution

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And no doubt the reality TV star, 26, will be a bit miffed to be snapped as she drew in her tum to sip a glass of vino and peruse a broadsheet newspaper.
Newhouse's The Oregonian of Portland said last Tuesday it plans to switch from a traditional broadsheet size to a new compact format that will be 11-inches wide and 15-inches tall, with sections center stapled like a magazine and nested inside one another and color available on every page.
Santhosh Kumar, and the Sports Broadsheet award was bagged by Roberto Canseco.
It is when I read the broadsheets and think 'I'm sure he is having a go at me there'.
Alan Emery, aged 52, who works for regional development body Advantage West Midlands, said: "It's a big change to see something which has always been a broadsheet delivered in a different way but I think it has been done very well.
If we make the reasonable assumption that the broadsheet is 0.
Some of the broadsheets were incredibly sniffy - and not sniffy in a useful, constructive sort of way,'' Thompson sniffs.
YOU may have read in certain broadsheets recently how Gerard Houllier was invited into the Liverpool dressing room after the win in Istanbul.
As well as the Western Mail, The Scotsman, The Times and The Independent have also switched to the more accessible compact format, which differs from tabloid style in that it keeps the high word-count and more in-depth approach traditionally offered by broadsheets.
The "yellow journalism" of the late 19th century spread to many broadsheets for a time, and the Denver Post, under Harry Tammen and Fred Bonfils, raised sensationalism to irresponsible levels in the early decades of the 20th century.
Images of the Outcast offers the reader a feast of reproductions from these broadsheets, ensembles and illustrated books, many published for the first time.
The continuing slump in advertising has affected all titles, broadsheets and tabloids alike.
Substitute national broadsheets don't hold the interest for a local burrowing mammal, and the Yorkshire Post just doesn't give Town the coverage.
The company hopes to offer and continue providing preprints of all sizes for retail and grocery stores, as well as tabloids and broadsheets for weekly newspapers.
Granted, few of the people who were at the Siege of Tournai ever saw Adam Frans Vander Meulen's work of that name, but many saw the prints and broadsheets made from the painting, and were struck by the grandeur and movement of the event.