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an advertisement (usually printed on a page or in a leaflet) intended for wide distribution

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NOW that broadsheet newspapers are becoming ever more voluminous, one constantly reads utterances of hardly any merit made by people of whom one has only just heard.
Singling out the broadsheet newspapers The Irish Times and the Irish Independent for detailed study, Gaffey traces the coverage of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in sub-Saharan Africa by Irish print media from the first recognition of the disease in 1981 to 2001.
He has written a number of articles on recent developments in intellectual property for national broadsheet newspapers.
Looking around, he saw that many of his fellow passages were sprawled widely in their seats and uniformly absorbed in the stories that hid them away behind broadsheet newspapers.
The children asked about deadlines, tabloid and broadsheet newspapers, how news is gathered and what work as a journalist involves.
DAVID MURRAY last night launched an astonishing attack on one of Scotland's broadsheet newspapers.
12, 2002, the investigators looked at 14 broadsheet newspapers in the United States and United Kingdom that had the highest circulation and capacity for electronic searching.
He was approached by Wimpey to help it design its new estate after criticising modern housing styles in interior design magazines and broadsheet newspapers.
And you only have to look in broadsheet newspapers to see at least one chattering class columnist a day banging on about Sex And The City as a lifestyle choice.
It's not uncommon for even respectable broadsheet newspapers to be offered materials that have been plucked from dustbins--garbage cans, to us--by entrepreneurial individuals in pursuit of a quick pound.
Although from the pen of an author who won the plaudits of both the Somerset Maugham Award and the Thomas Cook Award for an account of his stay in a village in the Gambia (Our Grandmothers' Drums), and who has written frequently about African music for British broadsheet newspapers such as the Guardian, Observer and Daily Telegraph, the book has a repetitive structure, and the protagonist's confusion as he acts and reacts to the events that unfold is irritating.
If broadsheet newspapers don't contain much anti-vivisection material then maybe this could be because most broadsheet employees have about as much functioning brain tissue as a brick.
? THE company that has its origins in the broadsheet newspapers of the early 1800s is now moving into a third century of bringing news to the people of Liverpool and beyond in multi-media fashion.