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The growth of Bashania fangiana and Fargesia nitida was inhibited in subalpine coniferous forest, while there were higher and denser culms in broadleaved forest and forest gaps due to better resource conditions in southwest China (Noguchi and Yoshida, 2005, Suzaki et al.
The decision was taken to allow an upland broadleaved woodland to establish - perhaps the largest in Wales.
For example, the fall is better (more efficient) than the spring to apply broadleaved herbicides (Weed-B-Gon) to lawn weeds, because in the fall the circulation is from the leaves to the roots while in the spring, the movement is all upward (against the flow of herbicide).
Typical representative forest in the Ailaoshan Mountain is the middle-mountain moist evergreen broadleaved forest, dominated by Lithocarpus and Castanopsis (Xie et al.
The initial number of living trees within the control plot was 376 (12,532 trees/ha), with a species composition by number of trees of 50% sessile oak (SO) and the remaining 50% hornbeam (HOR) and other broadleaved tree species such as sycamore (SYC) and wild pear, Pyrus communis L.
There is also a selective weedkiller called Verdone which, when mixed in water and sprayed on lawns, kills only the broadleaved weeds.
The Crab and Winkle Way runs from Canterbury West Station to Whitstable Harbour, taking walkers and cyclists through Blean Woods, one of the largest areas of ancient broadleaved woodland in southern Britain.
Less than half of this is native broadleaved woodland.
Hamsterley is a delightful oasis of broadleaved and coniferous woodland, sprawling along the sides of a sheltered valley.
We drew up a draft plan with ideas from the children and the work has included planting a double mixed native hedge, building two drystone seating areas to provide an area for outside classes and planting broadleaved trees to provide shelter and shade," James said.
1) separated most small-leaved bipinnate trees and shrubs from most broadleaved species.
The site has three types of habitat: lowland grassland, fen marsh and swamp, and broadleaved mixed woodland.
The work will involve felling conifers to improve the diversity of the woodland, or cutting broadleaved trees to promote their growth.
4This is a good time to attack weeds in the lawn with a selective weed killer, namely one that kills broadleaved weeds.
It contains sulphate of ammonia, which kills broadleaved weeds, and sulphate of iron, which greens up the grass and kills moss.