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common European perennial naturalized worldwide

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Annual bluegrass, broadleaf plantain, prostrate spurge, knotweed, goosegrass, and corn speedwell are examples of weeds that do well on compacted soils.
Table 14-2 Advantages of Using a Herbicide Mixtures because of Resistance of Certain Weed Species HERBICIDE 2,4-D + MECOPROP + WEED 2,4-D MECOPROP DICAMBA DICAMBA Common chickweed R * I S S Black medic R I S S Purslane I R S S Red sorrel I R S S Broadleaf plantain S I R S Buckhorn plantain S I R S Knotweed R I S S Spurweed I S I S White clover I S S S Field pennycress S I S S * R = resistant; S = susceptible; I = intermediate susceptibility--applications may have to be repeated for satisfactory control.
Broadleaf plantain is a European native that was once considered a valuable medicinal herb and a tasty vegetable.
Knotweed, cinquefoil, pineapple weed and broadleaf plantain are able to grow in soil that is too compact to support the growth of grass.
CONTROLLABLE BROADLEAF WEEDS -- Dandelion -- Black medic -- Broadleaf plantain -- Chicory -- Narrowleaf (buckhorn) plantain -- Carpetweed -- Common chickweed -- Curly dock -- Mouse-ear (hairy) chickweed -- Clover -- Others: -- Yellow rocket Recommendations: (herbicide to use, best time to apply, it shouldn't rain for 24 hours after application, etc.) 11.