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Synonyms for arrow

Synonyms for arrow

a mark to indicate a direction or relation


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a projectile with a straight thin shaft and an arrowhead on one end and stabilizing vanes on the other

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MORE than 20 former workers of Broadhead and Graves mill in Kirkheaton held a reunion lunch in the Beaumont Arms pub at Kirkheaton.
Reliable penetration on big game--no matter what broadhead style you employ--depends on the arrow cleanly tracking the broadhead through the wound channel, and that's only achieved through proper tuning.
"By putting a sticker inside the product packaging, we are providing our customers with the best broadhead, as well as a way to proudly let everyone know they shoot Rage."
I've never found a broadhead yet that would not kill a critter if properly placed--and with a little luck.
Broadhead has represented Wales at every youth level throughout his career but is yet to make his breakthrough into the senior side.
Back in the day when we only had fixed heads, we had to tune them and really spend time with our setup, making sure we were dialed in with our broadheads. But I think mechanical heads and the expectation that they will "hit right with my fieldpoints" has made a lot of us lazy when it comes to tuning.
Speed has given tremendous momentum to the mechanical broadhead market.
The court heard that drunk Broadhead had been asked to leave following his involvement in a commotion inside the pub on March 14.
Still, Dean Broadhead saw an opportunity, in the rural sector, specifically, but from an agency standpoint as well.
The Swhacker broadhead is a 2-blade mechanical that comes in 100- and 125-grain sizes.
Speaking after Broadhead's derby double at Anfield that set Everton on their way to the title, the former Blues defender said: "He's terrific.
It opens up a lot more broadhead options, but there can also be problems with re-sharpening.
Michael Broadhead, of New Hey Road in Oakes, pleaded guilty to driving while unt through drink and taking a car without consent and causing damage.
DAVID UNSWORTH says miniderby hero Nathan Broadhead is "one of the best players" he's coached at under-23 level.
Many broadhead manufacturers claim they produce models that "fly like a fieldpoint." But G5 produces practice points engineered to fly exactly like their broadheads.