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Synonyms for arrow

Synonyms for arrow

a mark to indicate a direction or relation


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a projectile with a straight thin shaft and an arrowhead on one end and stabilizing vanes on the other

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And the new Trophy Taker Quad Steel Broadhead has just what you're looking for.
Commenting on the change in leadership, Ms Broadhead said: "We have appointed a new female manager and we felt it was appropriate to make me managing director.
Fixed heads work, and they are known to out-penetrate any other broadhead style.
That means you'll want a broadhead that can penetrate a deer as easily as possible.
I've been an Evertonian all of my life and it feels like the perfect place to be for me," said Broadhead.
A photograph of employees with Frank Broadhead, taken to celebrate his birthday, proved popular.
which designs and manufactures fixed-blade hunting broadheads.
Based in Dubai and reporting to chief operating officer Nicholas Clayton , Broadhead is tasked with managing the brand's expansion into new markets and its strategic partnerships across the globe.
From ground level, their hefty stature warrants the use of a strong, fixed-blade broadhead.
Still, Dean Broadhead saw an opportunity, in the rural sector, specifically, but from an agency standpoint as well.
com)-- The Boys and Girls Club of Lethbridge, Alberta was interested in taking a more business-like approach to their non-profit organization, which is why they hired Trevor Broadhead to be their Executive Director.
They had popped in with George Broadhead, aged 21, and his girlfriend Alice Wincott.
The United Sorghum Checkoff Program (USCP) has selected Minneapolis- based Broadhead + Co to launch its domestic demand building campaign.
IN last week's edition of the Sunday Mirror as part of an article "pounds 4M SILLY FUEL" we stated that Wayne Broadhead was the current owner of a converted barn near Sheffield.