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someone who broadcasts on radio or television

a mechanical device for scattering something (seed or fertilizer or sand etc


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If a broadcaster with the heavy demands of Russia Today has chosen ExaStore as its sole storage solution, we're confident that we can offer the same unique capabilities to other broadcasters as well.
The Broadcasters Foundation's emergency relief program distributes one-time grants of $1,000 each after a disaster, such as a hurricane, tornado, fire, flood, or other serious misfortune.
Dennis Wharton, spokesman for the National Association of Broadcasters, called self-regulation preferable to government regulation.
Our Marketing and Management Seminars, and the Linder Farm Network "Farm Broadcaster for a Day" events have become huge listener hits and an important part of our total marketing effort.
For more than 30 years, before the World Trade Center was built, the Empire State Building was the primary site for most New York television broadcasters, and had been the primary site for most New York FM radio broadcasters for more than 50 years.
In spite of this success story, for every Radio One in our community, there are many smaller broadcasters forced to sell stations or go out of business entirely.
For a number of policy reasons--the perceived benefit to the public, a purportedly more efficient use of the spectrum, higher-quality broadcasts--Congress has required television broadcasters to move from analog to digital transmissions.
There has been talk about charging broadcasters more for use of the frequency spectrum, but nothing has been decided yet.
The swift round-trip journey of those campaign contributions is a tidy metaphor for the most profitable, exclusive, and mutually beneficial relationship in the new Gilded Age of politics--the one between incumbent broadcasters and incumbent politicians.
The measure gives religious broadcasters virtually unlimited access to educational radio and television stations that have traditionally been used by universities and nonprofit educational organizations.
With an infrastructure to hold broadcasters accountable finally in place, it's easy to see why children's advocates finally felt comfortable enough to declare victory.
The broadcasters' capture of the public airwaves - a vital public resource - by the broadcasters makes a mockery of democracy.
Broadcasters are able to edit their programming with free Broadcaster tools, find an audience by inviting and adding other viewers to their friends list, and notify their audience of broadcast schedules and updates to channel content.
Here's a letter from the National Alliance of State Broadcasters Associations (NASBA) to the Senate Commerce Committee supporting NAB's response to questions by the Committee regarding the reauthorization of STELA.
The legislation eliminated the 40-station nationwide ownership limit, and permitted broadcasters to purchase up to eight radio stations in large markets and five in small markets.
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