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L-com, an Infinite Electronics brand, and a preferred manufacturer of wired and wireless connectivity products, has announced that it has introduced a new series of 12G-SDI BNC connectors to address professional broadcast video applications, the company said.
The install included a new 2-channel NFinity Broadcast Video Server with internal backup video server automation, graphics insertion, including full screen bulletin board, and VDCP external control.
Using the apps, people can broadcast video streams, or else tune
Local TV stations broadcast video of the man being beaten with sticks and writhing on the ground as other people watched and stomped on his chest, stomach and limbs.
But yesterday the secretive Communist state broadcast video footage of the stony-faced 30-year-old tyrant arm-in-arm with Ri at a parade to mark Monday's second anniversary of the death of his father Kim Jong-Il.
The rally was held due to the National Security Committee's recently broadcast video, where one of the arrangers of the opposition kurultay Erlan Omuraliev told about plans to destabilize the situation in Kyrgyzstan.
Summary: An Algerian TV station has broadcast video supposedly showing hostage takers during the gas plant siege at the In Amenas gas facility.
SeaChange International, a provider of servers, media storage, and multi-screen video software and systems, and Tektronix, an expert in broadcast video test, monitoring and analysis solutions, have announced the integration of the SeaChange Universal MediaLibrary (UML) storage solution with the Tektronix Cerify content analysis solution, for auto-mated quality check of file-based audio/video.
Lebanese singer Assi Hilani revealed that his new album will be released later this month, in conjunction with a broadcast video clip "Al Amanah" (The secret), which was filmed under the direction of the director Adel Sarhan.
Veoh, which Shapiro formally launched in September 2005, competes with Google Inc s YouTube in allowing Internet users to broadcast video content.
Papers from a September 2009 conference are presented here, in sections on IP multimedia subsystems, video applications and services, content generation and delivery, audio and broadcast video application and services, indoor communications systems, broadband communications systems, coding and propagation, and network performance and reliability.
From a subscriber's perspective, video to the PC makes it possible to access both live broadcast video and on-demand content through a PC with no additional hardware requirements.
According to the company, the new BMR software release converges the Broadcast Video Services (BVS) and Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) software lines into a single offering, designed to improve operational efficiency.
LabVIEW-based toolkits are available for many technologies including WiMAX, GPS, WCDMA, GSM, EDGE broadcast video, 802.11 Bluetooth, OFDM, and MIMO.
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