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responding to or operating at a wide band of frequencies


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Phillip Dent works from home in Birdsedge and has to drive 10 miles to a hotel in Wakefield so he can have access to faster broadband speeds to allow him to send and receive documents.
s Richard Lloyd said slow broadband speeds "drive consumers crazy".
The Question: What minimum real-world broadband speed do you currently require for your needs (respondents were asked to pick the closest match)?
The average UK broadband speed has risen to 9mb - more than 30 times faster than the service to Yearby.
It is important to remember that the fastest headline speeds are not guaranteed and home broadband users should perform an online broadband speed test to check that they are getting the best possible package for their area.
MEP Malcolm Harbour (Con West Midlands) called on the Government to step up plans to improve broadband services in rural areas after an Ofcom survey highlighted the wide discrepancy in broadband speeds in rural and urban areas.
The average UK broadband speed remains less than half that advertised, with regulator Ofcom pushing for new rules to ensure consumers are not misled.
Whilst faster up to 24Mbps services are available, very few will receive these top speeds and most will only see a fractional increase in their broadband speeds.
But the broadband speed you get also depends to some extent on your broadband provider's policy towards traffic shaping.
Customers should have the right to switch to a different deal or opt out of their contracts penaltyfree if their actual broadband speed is significantly lower than that advertised, the consumer panel said.
By making broadband speed available to the "mass population," rather than merely concentrating on institutions and businesses, one is providing windows of opportunity for individuals to develop, expand and market ideas globally.
Introducing Speed Wave[TM] and an enhanced user experience for world's most popular broadband speed test
WASHINGTON, July 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Today the Federal Communications Commission issued the results of its "Measuring Broadband America July 2012" broadband speed and reliability testing for residential broadband service.
A new report, conducted jointly by Ericsson, Arthur D Little and Chalmers University of Technology quantifies the isolated impact of broadband speed, showing that doubling the broadband speed increases the economy's GDP by 0.
The guidance from the Committee on Advertising Practice allows ISPs to advertise a maximum broadband speed only if at least 10% of customers can get such a speed.
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