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responding to or operating at a wide band of frequencies


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"Huawei E355 wireless broadband modems include a web interface for administration and additional services.
So you call your ISP, and the first thing they ask you to do is reset power to your broadband modem and your WiFi router.
Service providers like Iliad in France have launched a commercial product called the AliceBox-a single device that integrates a TV STB and a broadband modem. Other than the set-top box, however, iSuppli said it does not see in the immediate future any other consumer electronic device integrating the residential gateway function.
This product will allow customers to use a USB mobile broadband modem to create a secure wireless hotspot in the vehicle.
These netbooks are extremely portable and Web-friendly, and have both wireless modems and a 3G broadband modem -- which gives you broadband Internet access anywhere you get mobile phone service, so you"re no longer limited to Wi-Fi hotspots like Starbucks.
<p>In addition to carrying the router, users will have to factor in a broadband modem if they don't have access to an Ethernet connection.
-- Enterprise switches that help direct voice, video and data in businesses; -- Bluetooth products that enable hands-free cellular phone use; -- Wireless connectivity solutions to power the world's most popular gaming consoles; -- Advanced broadband modem chips that satisfy consumer demand for better and faster distribution of voice, video and data throughout the digital home; and -- Cellular phone products and multimedia technology that enable advanced, next generation features and capabilities with lower power consumption and cost for portable devices.
Vonage customers connect a box to their broadband modem, then connect their standard phone to the box and make calls in the conventional way.
Fifteen chapters cover the evolution of the wireless industry; characterization of radio propagation; modeling and simulation of narrowband signal characteristics; measurement of wideband and UWB (ultrawideband) channel characteristics; modeling of wideband radio channel characteristics; narrowband modem technology; fading, diversity, and coding; broadband modem technologies; spread-spectrum and CDMA (code division multiple access) technology; topology, medium access, and performance; ultrawideband communications; RF location sensing; wireless optical networks; and systems and standards.
Axentrals Net-Box ISP is an ultra quiet, small form factor, all-in-one broadband modem, Internet gateway, network router and digital home/SOHO server appliance that ties into ISPs' broadband infrastructure and services.
It's cheaper, and the "installation" just involves connecting the broadband modem or router to your PC and the microfilters to your telephone sockets.
The adapter features its own Ethernet port for connecting any broadband modem, such as Scientific-Atlanta's WebSTAR series of cable modems.
Prices for both the broadband modem hardware and subscriptions have dropped, as has the price of building a wireless network, making shared broadband affordable for more businesses.
The company is offering a free broadband modem and free installation to the first 350 in Guisborough to register for the new technology.
The first 350 Hexham customers to sign up to the campaign, which is being run in conjunction with One NorthEast, will be able to claim both a free broadband modem, worth over pounds 100, and free broadband set-up, which would normally cost pounds 60.
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