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responding to or operating at a wide band of frequencies


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The fiber broadband access network needs to support the onslaught of extreme-bandwidth applications to preserve a network operators ability to monetize smart home and business opportunities, ADTRAN Product Line Management Director Jeremy Harris said in a press release.
Danbatta stated this during the ICT Watch Network Award Ceremony, which took place in Lagos over the weekend, with the theme: 'Broadband Access: National Scorecards and Roadmap to 2020'.
Then, the fiber is connected to the resident's twisted pair wires to deliver the broadband access over the existing wires, eliminating the need for technicians to enter the residence.
Authors from various high technology companies describe technologies and standard protocols for broadband access over fiber-based access networks; technologies and standards associated with non-fiber, non-wireless broadband access; wireless broadband access technology and standards.
The 12 papers included in this book address standard issues in the arena of broadband access as well as new metrics intended for evolving technologies for information access.
By adding Entropic's Broadband Access solution which is based on the MoCA(R) (Multimedia over Coax) standard, guests gain access to advanced IP-based services, such as broadband access and streamed IP video (VOD).
NLC is excited to promote the National Broadband Map to its members because of the impact it can have on increasing broadband access to their communities.
The transaction involves the broadband access intellectual properties, technologies and the established client base, the buyer said in a press release.
These devices allow consumers to gain broadband access up to 102 Mbps downlink, and 51 Mbps uplink, to support data-intensive services on TD-LTE networks.
Mobile and wireless broadband communication solutions provider Ericsson today announced that Radius Infratel, a telecom infrastructure provider based in India, has signed a fibre-to-the-home contract with Ericsson to meet the growing demand for broadband access across India.
GORDON Brown was today promising free laptops and broadband access for 270,000 low income families so that they can better follow their children's progress at school.
The commission, set up by the Knight Foundation, calls for universal broadband access to help meet the information needs of American communities.
The map, produced by website, reveals black holes in broadband access throughout Northumberland and County Durham.
"Despite the economic downturn, we expect the market for mobile broadband access to deliver robust growth and to emerge as a viable substitute for fixed broadband access in many emerging economies.
moved up one spot in the rankings from 2007, but the Brookings Institution report shows it is falling behind other nations in broadband access, public-sector innovation, and implementation of the latest interactive tools on federal websites, according to