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responding to or operating at a wide band of frequencies


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It validates our business model and strategy; significantly strengthens our balance sheet; adds valuable strategic agreements that give us a special advantage in developing new products and services that make the broadband network more useful to our customers; and brings us new synergies, expertise and insight.
Our existing wireless broadband network has enabled customers to work remotely and stay entertained in unprecedented ways; now we're taking wireless to the next level by introducing Rev.
Sprint customers in the Kansas City and Wichita metro areas can now take advantage of the fastest available mobile broadband network to send and receive information at DSL-like speeds," said Rob Bryant, Sprint area vice president of Sales.
Verizon Wireless' national wireless broadband network, the first in the nation, is already available to more than 200 million Americans in 242 major metropolitan areas and 180 major airports from coast to coast.
Sprint offers the largest wireless broadband network of any carrier through the Sprint Mobile Broadband Network, which reaches more than 188 million people across the country and covers more than 8,700 cities and 780 airports.
By third quarter 2007, Sprint's Mobile Broadband Network is expected to be completely upgraded to the faster EV-DO Rev.
As Sprint's mobile broadband network continues to grow, so does its device portfolio with the addition of the only EV-DO Revision A-capable USB modem.
To help educate customers and prospects by giving them the facts they need, Sprint (NYSE:S) is launching a new advertising campaign that includes a humorous ad created by Publicis & Hal Riney that uses actual footage from a spaghetti western film and that outlines the differences in Sprint's mobile broadband network when directly compared to Cingular's EDGE network.
The upgraded Smart Broadband Network is designed to reduce capital and operational expenses.
Unwired plans to expand the capacity of its wireless broadband network and improve the network's reliability by leveraging the MPLS routing and subscriber management capabilities of the SmartEdge routers.
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