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having relatively broad rather than needlelike or scalelike leaves

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Hence, if I and II were both demonstrative syllogisms (in the strict sense of the term), the attributes deciduousness and being a broad-leaved tree would be "mutually explanatory" ([phrase omitted], 98b17).
Tree and stand level variables influencing diversity of lichens on temperate broad-leaved trees in boreo-nemoral floodplain forests.
Most Japanese forests are natural forests, with broad-leaved trees (laurel forests) to the south and deciduous forests to the north (though the mountainous relief modifies this model somewhat), but there are also vast repopulated expanses (more than one-third of the forest area), with both broad-leaved trees and conifers.
In winter conifers have little competition other than the leafless broad-leaved trees with attractive bark, such as the paper bark birches, the dazzling white of Betula jacquemonti glittering like an ice maiden against the blue sky on a cold winter's day.
Building on parkland and destroying mature broad-leaved trees will ensure we stay top of the table for many years to come.
Plant variables.--Foliage area was greater for broad-leaved trees. G.
broad-leaved forest (where broad-leaved trees such as Guazuma ulmifolia Lam.
Farming engineer Antonio Campos emphasises the importance of "restoring indigenous species, notably broad-leaved trees such as green oak and cork oak in the south, and oak and chestnut in the north, instead of systematically planting pine and eucalyptus".
Clay predicts that ecologists will look for similar effects in other broad-leaved trees and muses that cacao growers might find ways to harness the endophytes' disease-fighting power.
Dating back more than a decade, HMG Paints' own waterside regeneration project has entailed the rebuilding of river walls and terracing, the installation of carved stone steps and handrails to facilitate access, the commissioning of sculptures for the site from local artists, and the planting of almost 2000 native broad-leaved trees like alder, mountain ash, birch and Scots pine.
They like to sit around in large, broad-leaved trees where their brown colour provides perfect camouflage against tree trunks and branches.
"We are planning to carry out replanting with native broad-leaved trees which would be in keeping with the area's landscape."
As no tree existed on the site a "mature landscape" was created by importing hundreds of broad-leaved trees and conifers from Germany.