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a sword with a broad blade and (usually) two cutting edges

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But before he picked up that broad sword, Rory was Kenny McLeod in the UK sitcom The Book Group from 2002 to 2003.
Our physical exercise lessons comprised of games with a lot more historical tradition; archery, broad sword fencing, witch baiting and so on and so forth.
The comedy is broader than a broad sword as Krod and his motley crew of warriors challenge Dongalor's henchmen with a combination of strong action and weak puns.
I have to confess that I once gave 20 Benson and Hedges to Jake the Rake, King of Wurzeland, who subsequently bestowed upon me a knighthood with a real broad sword on the steps of Sainsbury's in Market Street one dark winter evening a few years ago.
"The Greek word for 'sword' is not the broad sword, which was used for capital punishment, but a short sword on the belt." That, he said, was a symbol for justice.
On the down side, the length and weight made it like carrying a broad sword.
Broad sword: Kirk Broadfoot smashes home the goal that rescued a point for St Mirren; Life of Brians: Saints' McGinty; and Queens' McColligan in battle