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Synonyms for ligament

that which unites or binds

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a sheet or band of tough fibrous tissue connecting bones or cartilages or supporting muscles or organs

any connection or unifying bond

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The medial pararectal space is called Okabayashi's space and it is between the ureter and the rectouterine ligament, which is developed after opening the posterior leaf of the broad ligament (Figure 20).
In addition, the operator does not need to open a hole in the broad ligament. Thus, there is no risk of damage to the vessels located in the broad ligament.
Intraligamentary ectopic pregnancy is a retroperitoneal abdominal pregnancy in which the product of conception grows within the two leaves of the broad ligament. It is a rare pregnancy with an incidence of about 1 in 183,900 pregnancies (2).
When they separated adnexa they opened up broad ligaments and spillage so the endometrial and myoma tissues might have been left in the retroperitoneal space during uterine morcellation and could grow into an endometriosis lesion and myoma forming a heterogeneous mass under the conditions of sufficient blood supply and
(5) The condition has been reported initially to affect small venous channels within the myometrium and broad ligament, and then enter the systemic venous circulation via the uterine or ovarian veins.
Hemorrhage: Bleeding during caesarian section outside the uterus usually comes from the broad ligament when a junior gynecologist tries to deliver the head of the baby through a small incision in the lower segment which gets torn and injures veins laterally lying in the broad ligament.
Access to the vesical pedicles and bladder was achieved through 2 windows on both sides; the first between the medial umbilical ligament, round ligament and the pelvic side wall, and the second through the broad ligament inferior to the round ligament.
An exploratory laparotomy was performed, and a predominant mass (about 20x15 cm in diameter) situated in the pelvis in the broad ligament was observed.
Tait carefully examined the specimen and noted that, if he had tied the broad ligament and removed the ruptured tube he could have completely arrested the haemorrhage
Laparoscopic findings included a markedly edematous left tube, left broad ligament, and left proximal round ligament, marked dilation of the vessels in the left broad ligament and infundibulopelvic ligament and a 2 cm x 2 cm x 3 cm mass protruding from the left posterior wall of the uterus (See Figure 2).
Among the conditions are vulvar neoplasia, benign endometrium, pathology of the fallopian tube and broad ligament, sex cord-stromal tumors of the ovary, disease of the peritoneum, and gestational trophoblastic disease.
The female reproductive tract is suspended from the body wall by the broad ligament, a peritoneal fold that attaches the ovaries, oviducts, and uterus to the walls of the pelvis (Figure 5-10).
There were suggestions of trends in mortality with cumulative exposure for cancers of other and unspecified parts of the uterus and ovary, fallopian tube, and broad ligament but not for cervical cancer (results not shown).