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We need to rebuild our party to be a truly broad church in which many blends of socialism can flourish Barry Sheerman MP
Labour need to be a broad church welcoming converts and old believers
This is to make sure that we can walk together as one Church of England - a broad Church, yes, but we want to be there without splits, without divisions."
Debenhams has benefited from a broad width of product choice, a broad church of customers, multiple routes to market and a strategy to drive profits by investing some of its gross margin, through price cuts and promotions, into pushing sales.
A Labour member, Ms Banner may not subscribe to the party consensus on devolution, but it's a broad church and there are plenty of Labour AMs who lack her intellectual rigour and eloquence.
Other bands confirmed to be feature in the "broad church" of rock music on a single stage included Linkin Park, Guns N'Roses, Iron Maiden, Foo Fighters, and Muse.
A Presbyterian minister, he was a dissenter from the established Church of Scotland and a "Broad Church" Christian.
Canon John Hester, who has died, aged 80, was a prime example of just what a broad church the Anglican community embraces.
The author tries to be fair but the need to get through a lot of writers and a lot of titles leads to quick if not hasty judgements: is it really accurate to call Anthony Trollope's The Way We Live Now a 'notably xenophobic moral fable, portraying a degenerate nation ...' He does not pay enough attention to Trollope's High Church loyalties and the battle in The Warden is not between Broad Church and Evangelical but between traditional High and Arnoldian Broad.
Maybe, in part, I felt called to priestly ministry wanting a role in this broad church of ours, due to the Journal and what it articulated so very well.
Larsen shows how for liberals or Broad Church supporters, the central issue was the legal persecution of Colenso that followed publication of his book, not the work itself, which was seen as a poor, ineffectual piece of biblical criticism, damaging to reform and popular religious education, heavy-handed, and logically flawed.
"The Order is a broad church, open to anybody who accepts Christ as Saviour and accepts Scripture as the sole rule of faith," he said.
In this case, the assembled contributors not only explore the way that writers write the church; they acknowledge how literature itself can be seen as the broad church of a secularized age.
Move was, according to Brown, designed "to send a message to the outside that we are a broad church."