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The Order is a broad church, open to anybody who accepts Christ as Saviour and accepts Scripture as the sole rule of faith," he said.
None of the church leaders selected for inclusion in the volume were lay people (and thus, due to the time period under discussion, women's leadership is largely ignored); no broad church leaders were selected, and no true proponents of the Oxford Movement style of Anglo-Catholicism are represented in the book.
In this case, the assembled contributors not only explore the way that writers write the church; they acknowledge how literature itself can be seen as the broad church of a secularized age.
Move was, according to Brown, designed "to send a message to the outside that we are a broad church.
CIMA appeals to a broad church of accountants because it is not just graduates.
The Conservative Party has always been a broad church.
Mount Vernon is one of Reach Out's lead churches in all, nine African-American churches, each with ties to a broad church network, and 2 Latino Catholic church organizations, together comprising a network of over 300 Chicago area churches.
Students accustomed to viewing drawings "after the antique" in isolation will find in the catalogue an introduction to the empirical contexts within which a broad church of early modern antiquarians worked.
As Anglican orthodoxy had exhausted itself during the controversy, the Broad Church had exhausted itself in precipitating it.
The Labour Party has always been a broad church of political views, were people could hold different views and debate without fear.
So much for the so-called broad church in the party.
THE Labour movement has always been a broad church and we do not have identical views on every issue.
Former Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna told a fringe audience they must ensure Labour remains a broad church.
The personal warmth of his tribute to Liz Kendall, arguably the most right-leaning of the leadership candidates, suggests that he wants Labour to remain a broad church.
Mr Walker quotes the great Tony Benn who fully understood the Labour Party is a broad church though always decried the personal abuse of individuals rather than concentrating on the important issues that confront people in their daily lives.