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The spirit world intruded upon many aspects of British life in the final years of Queen Victoria, and though it was not exactly in tune with Anglican doctrine, it was (as I have said) a broad church.
While we should be proud of, and maintain a Welsh identity, which like the pre-Blair Labour party, may be seen as a broad church, we should not cry wolf and over-react at imagined slights by the media.
Our surviving stadia need to appeal to a broad church - greyhound fans, punters and casuals alike.
Another source of business angel finance is the Business Investors Group, a broad church of high net worth individuals who have a strong track record of investing in, and making money from (and for), fast-growing businesses.
Cameron's chucking out pews instead of building a broad church on public occasions.
He added: "The broad church of Labour is no more - the self-perpetuating elite are now in charge and believe that to vote for them is all the workers are good for.
Post, July 2), the RSPCA is an open and democratic organisation that represents a broad church of opinion.
We are a broad church, it should be possible to have a debate and even an argument without it appearing in the papers.
The Labour Party is a broad church with many diverse opinions, something consistent with a healthy democracy, however the Labour Party and its politicians at all levels are representing the views of the majority of people in Wales in its approach to this matter.
His style is not to everyone's liking but Attheraces is a broad church.
It has all gone through the Cheltenham executive and board and through BHB race planning, which signs up a broad church of people in racing.
Cavern co-owner Bill Heckle said: "We are thrilled because what it does is show the broad church that is the Cavern.
Broad church and co-operation are much more typical now.
One thing I liked and respected about the Conservative Party was that it was a broad church where opinions were tolerated that were in conflict with the leadership of the party.
Rock and roll is truly a broad church but each lights a candle to their vision of what it is.