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Old World upright plant grown especially for its large flat edible seeds but also as fodder

a bean plant cultivated for use animal fodder

shell beans cooked as lima beans


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Spoon into a small serving bowl and garnish with the reserved peas, shelled broad beans and a sprig of mint.
Drain and add to the tomato and broad bean mixture, together with the goat's cheese.
Scatter the peas and broad beans around the fish, mix through the potatoes and chorizo and return to the oven for 2 mins more, to just warm the veg through.
Add the thyme, garlic, peas, broad beans and butter and cook for a further two minutes.
3 Add the peas, broad beans and juice of one lemon and continue cooking until rice and vegetables are ready.
There were questions on socio-demographic characteristics, maternal and child characteristics, child feeding practices, and knowledge and practices related to consumption of broad beans.
Export and import of lentils, broad beans and horse beans dried: volume, structure, dynamics
Their weekly production is over 300 kilograms of broad beans.
THE harvest at Cilcain is slow this year but it is happening - the broccoli is forming florets, the broad beans are ready, the shallots are swelling, sugarsnaps are filling, courgettes are flowering and the rainbow chard looks great.
Riyadh At the same time when the Fifa World Cup is being held in South Africa, another fascinating tournament of sorts has been held in Singapore u a omedical championshipo, so to speak, on broad beans.
EAGLE ROCK - To know the boss at the Eagle Rock Italian Bakery on Colorado Boulevard is a racing man, a lunchtime visitor needs only to look high on the deli's back wall, above the wooden shelves holding the broad beans, marinated garlic and pepperoncini.
Spoon some venison jus, mushrooms, and broad beans around the dish.
Herodotus does not elaborate on this statement; nor does he offer any explanation for the fact that traces of broad beans are to be found in a number of Egyptian tombs dating from earlier times than his own.
It's a soil-conditioner crop such as broad beans, clover, or annual trye you till under (while it's still succulent) or shear off for compost.
Broad beans are one of the most underrated of all summer vegetables.