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a large ax with a broad cutting blade


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Accessories include a Norman helmet, broad axe, round shield and sword.
They talked about earning a living by hewing out railroad ties with a broad axe, and bragged about how many cross ties (whatever those are) they could carry to load on a wagon.
Sometimes, though, Flynn tosses aside his analytic scalpel and grabs a broad axe, and when he starts grinding said axe, it's time for caution.
"Mandatory minimums were such a broad axe that they have produced unfair sentences," says Judge William Wilkins, chairman of the Sentencing Commission, a group Congress created back in 1984 to study the issue.
Sandburg notes: "The State street blocks south of 31st street are newspaper row, with the Defender, the Broad Axe, the Plaindealer, the Searchlight the Guide, the Advocate, the Whip, as weekly publications, and there are also illustrated monthly magazines such as the Half Century and the Favorite" (Chicago 51).
Apparently a good man could hack 50 ties a day with a broad axe for 10 cents per tie.
In the old assembly hall upstairs the massive timbers which were whipsawn and hewn with broad axes are still in good condition.
These guidelines lay down the broad axes for Structural Fund intervention over the next programming period.
There is an interesting inventory of the property needed to work a farm of average size in Bucks County, Pa., in 1774: a listing of wearing apparel, cattle, wagons, sleds, harrows, broad axes, grindstones, beds and appurtenances, sheets, blankets, wool, butter, pewter, tables, chairs, meal and malt, meat, cheese, pocket book, horse lock, and numerous other items, all totaling [pound]264119/0 1/2.