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an industrial city in Moravia in Czech Republic to the southeast of Prague


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Yes, fans came in droves in recent games but the naked truth is, the Volejbal Brno is still one of the worst teams in the Czech Republic.
The next chapter, Janacek as a reviewer of the Czech National Theatre, in Brno, again manifests Zahradka's skill at concisely setting his topic into a more general historical framework--besides the relationship between Janacek and the NDB, he gives a brief yet comprehensive account of the theatre's history.
The third chapter, the second most extensive, focuses on Janacek as a member and representative of the Druzstoo of the Czech National Theatre in Brno. The names of the chronologically sequenced subchapters indicate their content--Janacek's first election to the committee; The search for a leader of the orchestra; Controversy over the new Czech National Theatre building--Janacek voted onto the committee a second time; In the new republic--Janacek voted onto the committee a third time; The search for a new head of the National Theatre-Janacek's championing of Neumann; The City Theatre for the Czechs!; The City Theatre.
But don't for one second think that Brno is your typical airhead fashion industry type who thinks fiscal stimulus is a hip new club drug.
As I slip into a butch pair of leather trousers and a mesh T-shirt, Brno shares his views on British men's sense of style.
A coda, set eight months later, finds Brno a reformed man: shaggy-haired, bearded and now living under the moniker of Straight Dave, host of the Man Slammin' Max Out cage fights.
Dave whips the crowd into a frenzy by beating up a gay man - Brno's nerdy assistant Lutz (Hammarsten) - then stuns everyone by kissing and fondling his opponent in the ring.
Okay, in many ways Brno is simply another version of Borat.
The opening montage features Brno engaging in a series of extreme gay sex scenes (all tastefully covered up), which only acts as a subtle preamble for the sexual wackiness to follow.
The six concerts will take place in six churches in the centre of Brno: Saint Jacob's Church, the Minorite Church of St.
The Easter Festival of Spiritual Music will thus pay tribute not only to the most important ecclesiastical holidays of the year but also the beauty of Brno churches.
It was under his auspices that the Ring cycle was first staged as a whole in Brno. Aman also discovered the famous tenor Leo Slezak and the baritone Rudolf Berger.
As has already been indicated, operetta played a special role in Brno's musical life.