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an industrial city and port in southwestern England near the mouth of the River Avon

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There are three heats of the Stadium Bookmakers 480m Trophy, and the first at 8.36 sees a clash of the generations between veteran Dromana Max and up-and-coming Garlyn Rocky, although both Brizzle Blue and Droopys Alfie also merit serious respect.
Bristolians have their very own dialect, colloquially known as Brizzle and as you hilariously (not) allude to, they do like to roll their r's.
A tongue- in cheek guide to Wales' nearest neighbours Cheddar cheese - the daddy of all British cheese Cheese rolling - the annual bizarre ritual at Cooper's Hill in Gloucester Funny accent - that weird Brizzle burr The Wurzels - cider- drinking, combined- harvester- driving yokels Cider - home- brewed paintstripper, habitually Stonehenge - ancient gathering site for hippies Glastonbury - site of the festival and another top spot for hippies Portishead - miserable trip- hop veterans Rugby - the only part of the UK that can rival the fervour of Wales Bristol Zoo - a day out for South Walians with children Cream teas - cream then jam, or vice versa?
SPECTACULAR: The Cheviot Centre, Wooler, Northumberland; IN THE LIMELIGHT: The Newbiggin people statue is lit up; DAZZLING: Newbiggin is bathed in a sea of colours as part of the Guerilla Lighting programme PICTURES: JOHN WILLIAMSON; WINNER: Merck Sharp, Cramlington, is dappled in light; HAVING A BALL: Brizzle Wood; SPOT LIGHT: Barter Books, Alnwick, is captured in the show; SHINING BRIGHT: St Mary's Church, Ponteland; DISPLAY: Berwick Barracks is illuminated as part of the festival