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an Indian dish made with highly seasoned rice and meat or fish or vegetables


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version of the Chicken Briyani. Vancouver restauranteur Nash Mawani and
The buffet is divided into different sections presenting Oriental mezzah, cold and hot appetizers, salads, soups, Grills, a carving station, Indian Flavours, Asian Flavours and Arabian Flavours featuring the tempting Lamb Ouzi with the traditional condiments,as well as other popular dishes such as saffron prawns, kofta patties and chicken briyani. .
To honour the true royalty that is apparent in the authenticity of a delectable dish, experienced chefs from Royal families were present to prepare dishes like; Nagori Korma, Rangeli Handia, Mahi Makni, Bedil Murg., Sangri Ke Sabzi, Chana Dal Lazez, rangeli Dal Mangori, Murg Mangori Rice, Pulao Rajsi, Subj Diwani Handi Briyani, Angrazi Pulao.
In a bid to counter the agitation, the Corporation, headed by DMK Mayor P Karthikeyan arranged a function to distribute briyani packets and watches to Corporation employees.
The Fast is opened or broken with the Iftar meals which are loaded with traditional foods such as dates, figs and of course briyani's and curries!
He said a plate of briyani chicken was priced at RM14.90, naan bread at RM3.90 and a glass of teh tarik at RM2.40.
About 50,000 guests are expected to turn up at the event, to run until 3pm, where they can enjoy various sumptuous dishes including 'lemang', 'rendang', 'ketupat', briyani rice and satay.
The guests helped themselves to various kinds of food, including satay, rendang, lemang, ketupat, nasi himpit and briyani.