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the people of Great Britain

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Maybe the Allegro really was the way forward for Brittish industry and automotive technology worldwide.
'Neptune arises in a Chariot, drawn by Sea-Horses, where a rentote View of the Brittish Fleet terminates the Sight.
Included are such treasures as the Paul Revere engraving, "A View of Part of the Town of Boston in New-England and Brittish [sic] Ships of War Landing Their Troops!
Paddington Bear Classic Brittish children's property with
He also became chairman of Brittish, the marketing arm of the British Trawlers Federation, which had been formed to export the huge surpluses of fish landed in Grimsby and Hull.
The Brittish and American public had no say in the conflict,but the many demonstrations have shown how people feel about it.
Brittish Journal Perioperative Nursing 2000;10:421-7.
Owens PN, Slaymaker O (1997) Contemporary and post-glacial rates of aeolian deposition in the Coast Mountains of Brittish Columbia, Canada.
Almost immediately after the Brittish seized Hong Kong Island in 1842 as a response to China's refusal to allow the Brittish to import opium into its country, Britain passed laws in its newly acquired colony to restrict the freedoms of the Chinese living there.
During the debate over James's proposals for the creation of a unitary monarchy of Great Britain, the Scottish mathematician Robert Pont hailed the reduction of `this our Great Brittaine, Ireland and the adjoyning Brittish isles ...
Among the precautionary measures the company took two years ago was installing a 1 million (Brittish pounds) blast wall surrounding the broadcast and telephone equipment as well as cable rerouting strategies and a staff of 200 service representatives contacting customers.
"I am apprehensive [he has] been induced the brittish [sic] to join their Interest," Chapin reported to Knox.[71]