Brittany spaniel

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tall active short-tailed French breed of bird dog having a usually smooth orange- or liver-and-white coat

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John and Millie, his Brittany spaniel, heard the crack in my voice as they hailed me; by then I was on my way home, bitterly resentful over the unattainability of freedom for any creature living in civilized society.
NICK BREED: Brittany Spaniel AGE: 18 months About Nick: Nick is a friendly boy who enjoys going on lots of adventures.
That is when Amber, a Brittany spaniel, comes over with her owner, who is a longtime family friend, Dr.
My Brittany spaniel and I treasure the invitations we get from him.
Through the years, I've hunted behind many world-class dogs of various breeds and have concluded that a well-trained Brittany spaniel is tough to beat in Hun country.
True, a Brittany spaniel that has endeared himself to local schoolchildren as the Safety Education Dog for the Eugene Police Department's School Resource Team for more than four years, has been missing from his Hayden Bridge area home since Monday morning.
And in 2002, the United Kennel Club (UKC) in the United States recognized the American Brittany and the French Brittany Spaniel (the Epanuel Breton) as two separate breeds with American Brittanys registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).
8:08 p.m.: Boutelle Road, Brittany spaniel got loose; animal returned home.
I had been out of college long enough to have a Brittany spaniel, and the two of us were cruising the Iowa prairie, looking for a place to hunt.