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West Indians rallied to the aid of the mother country in both world wars which, despite blatant discrimination by the armed services (and the mutiny at Taranto), endorsed the pride many West Indians had in, and for, Britain, Britishness, and the monarchy.
The study also found that identification with Britishness is higher among the children and grandchildren of migrants.
Consumers tell us "Britishness" is not a key factor in their purchasing decisions, with quality and price winning out over Britishness by a country mile.
We will get the opportunity to define a new Britishness.
Gamble and Wright compile a group of 13 essays by UK scholars in history, politics, and government that explore the question of what Britishness is, in response to Gordon Brown's attempt to revive the idea of British identity during a time of increasing diversity, multinationalism, and fragmentation of British society.
DESPITE the flirtations of the Prime Minister recently with the concept of a Britishness day, being British seems not to be particularly relevant to our government, or their government in Europe for that matter.
Epsom Downs is made of tamer stuff, part of that long cultural tradition of Derby day as a microcosm of English society which includes Dickens, Trollope and Frith's panoramic painting, and the play was commissioned by Joint Stock in Silver Jubilee year, when the nature of Britishness was examined with a fresh intensity.
A Small Heath-born millionaire caused a stir at the conference when he said the TV show Britain's Got Talent represented Britishness far better than our centuries of history.
IT WILL take more than the compulsory school assembly swearing of allegiance to queen and country to revive the waning concept of Britishness.
In the last years of his life (he died in 1971), Smith travelled widely on publishers' commissions, but his true subject was Britain and Britishness in the wake of the Second World War.
The contemporary historian and commentator Timothy Garton Ash has described that famously elusive concept, Britishness, as a comfortable old overcoat which hides a multitude of sins.
Prof Ted Cantle of Coventry University's Institute of Community Cohesion said: "It would be very difficult to teach Britishness and British values in a chalk-andtalk approach.
You won't notice much in terms of design -- or inventiveness -- but the action is more manic, and the genteel, droll Britishness has been given a decidedly raucous flavor.
In response, black sailors such as Joseph Johnson sought to articulate a different definition of Britishness, exploiting the ambiguity of the term.
The author is also the reader, and he does so with a quiet understated Britishness.